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The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 2018/2019 Collection: French Fall October 16 2018, 0 Comments

“French girl style” is a universal term. Everyone knows what it is, and yet you cannot totally define it. And here's the magic - you know it’s classic and simple and chic, but there’s an element of je ne sais quoi that makes getting dressed more of an art form than a routine. The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 208/2019 collection is  undeniably an epitome of chic French-girl style with an edgy twist! While you're obviously familiar with iconic check print, we've graduated from the unexpected pairings and plaid worn in new ways - from head to toe or in varying shades. This season, try mixing your plaids, not just by color, but also by material. Go even further and mix it with sequins and metallics or go calm and pair it with neutrals

FW 2018/2019 pieces are comfortable enough for leisurely strolls, stylish enough for the best possible occasion (you never know who is going to take your picture or where you’re going to end up, right), and classic enough to be in style for that oh-so-important business meeting. Oh, and what's the best about it? As you can see in our campaign - they are perfect for everybody! 

This fall and winter, we proudly give you:

The Lie by JPZ Woman;
The Lie by JPZ Men;
The Lie by JPZ Mother & Daughter
The Lie by JPZ Junior.


Campaign shot by Tibor Golob

Models: Urska Fuks, Nika Krmec, Duša Podbevšek, Mateja Ledinek, Ana Lipuš, Mateja Pušnik, Laura Sever Pušnik,Aljoša Maksimovič, JPZ

Shoes: Trgovina Renini

Bag Guide: When In Las Vegas October 11 2018, 0 Comments

Hello, The Lie by JPZ People!

At the moment, I am checking in grom fabulous Las Vegas and as many of you may already know, I hold this city very dear to my heart. I work hard, I am an absolute workaholic, so I do need to travel - simply to recharge, find new inspirations and, well, just to feed my soul. When abroad on holiodays, I really like to take time for myself, I take time to do my hair, make up and getting dressed an I extremely enjoy in it. 
Ok, I am a heavy packer, that's the truth, but unfortunately, traveling by plane does add a certain limitations to this habbit. Howevere, I love options, and I am an accessories freak, so I always prefer to go smaller on clothes (that I can mix and match with each other, creating neew looks) and go BIIIIg on accessories - especially - BAGS! 
So, today, I am guiding you through the three The Lie by JPZ bag options, that you'll be able to incorporate to your outfits almost 24/7, no matter the look or the occasion. The pictures you are seeing are actually all from Las Vegas, so these bags actually did travel with me to the Sin City. You'll see that they are versatile, easy to style but also statement pieces and eye-catchers - yes, we surely do like those, right?
But what I will also talk about today, is the proper care for your bags, when on the go. 

When it comes to packing, you have to pay a special attention to your most prized possessions – handbags. Bags usually tend to be investment pieces along with your shoes, so you want to ensure they are properly tended to, especially in your suitcase when airport employees do not take a special care for your luggage and are throwing it around like a bag of sand (yes, my heart always breaks when I see this and I get so extremely angry I could punch someone, lol). So, I wanted to share the things I do to care for my handbags when on the go, to ensure they last forever. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some good tips on how to care for your handbags too!

Keep the Dust Bags

When bringing home a new handbag, never, seriously, Never toss the dust bag away! This is the key to protecting your bag and ensuring it stays in good condition and dust-free as home, as well as protected from al the possible accidents that may happen inside your suitcase (once the bottle of my perfume broke and you do not want to know the damage it cost to most of the items I had in the suitcase). If you do not happen to have a dust bag, repurpose a clean pillowcase - preferably white, which does the trick too. Also, once safely wrapped in the fabric, I would suggest you to pack them also in a plastic bag (because of the broken perfume reasons mentioned above).

Protect the Inside

When it comes down to face and body, the unside is as important as th outside - and it's the same with your handbags! Don’t neglect the interior of your handbag! Always use cosmetic or plastic bags and pouches for anything that could pose as a threat to your handbag - perfume, make up, bottle of water. If anything happened to spill, doing so contains the mess and makes it easier to clean. And, if you ever want to resell later, this will help your bag maintain its value.

Stuff the Inside

When it comes to packing your handbags, stuffing the inside of the bag is crucial, especially if you want your bags to hold their structure! On the go, stuff the inside of your bags with clothes, swimming suits and underwear. This way, it is less likely to be damaged, compressed, or lose its shape in the suitcase.

Store in a Safe Place

When in a hotel room, store the bags in a safe place,far away from winows or balconies and of any sunlight! The sun can make a horrible damage to every colored leather!  

Turn to a professional

And, in case on your trip worst comes to worst, you have to seek a professional. A good shoe cobbler will usually be able to help you out with wear and tear, or installing other hardware you need. Do not attempt to fix it yourself otherwise you risk a permanent damage!

What about you, ladies, what are some of the ways you take care for your handbags while on the go?


#fbf & One Last Look On SPRING/SUMMER 2018 Collection Parisian Monochromatic Chic October 04 2018, 0 Comments

Oh yes, the smell of fall is strong so here's one last look on our Spring/Summer 2018 collection. This time we've moved into Parisian monochromatic oasis. Placed in the 80s, with just the right fusion of modernity, strict and straight lines, yet subtly softened with vuluminous ruffles and eternal navy style, we took you on a tour of French chic.
The monochrome color palette was once again complemented by the statement accessories, such as our cult bags and belts, baker boy hats, and, for the first time - maxi cat eye sunglasses.
Colors, just like features, follow the changes of the emotions. Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Color is a power which directly influencs the soul...
So, thispast spring and summer season The Lie by JPZ ladies prefered living in color! Are you curious, what's gonna FALL WINTER 18/19 The Lie by JPZ lady look like?


Campaign shot by Tibor Golob

Starring Mira Grof & Laura Škvorc & JPZ

The Lie by JPZ Celebrity Mothers & Daughters Or The Lie by JPZ Couture And Accesories For All Women October 04 2018, 0 Comments


Obožujem, ko mame, ženske v "zrelih letih" zgledajo strupeno dobro v blagovni znamki The Lie by JPZ - ravno tako, kot njihove hčere! . . .


Celebrity mothers & daughters looking chic and glamorous wearing The Lie by JPZ. Another proof of confidence, beauty, and style that can only be achieved through the experience of a life. Yes, when it comes to fashion and style, age is nothing but a state of mind!

Foto: Tibor Golob

Make up: Doroteja Premužič & Mojca Škof

Hair: Kristijan Skamljič


My Personal Style: Wedding Eve Or The Night Before Or How I Started My Love Affair With Wedding Gowns August 19 2018, 0 Comments

Hello my dear ladies!

I guess this one will be one of the most personal posts. The pictures definitely will be! Since my engagement I developed a great love affair with creating beautiful, urban, modern and custom made wedding gowns. And because it all started from my personal experience and since my wedding, more than a year ago, I've created quite a few gorgeous gowns for my customers as well as strong personal connections, I feel it's the right thing to do - sharing with you my most personal experience through the following pictures. You are looking at our rehearsal dinner that happened the night before our big day. Together with us were our best man Mark, maid of honor Mira and my bridesmaids. 

What I wish to talk about in this post is the importance of treating yourself on your wedding day and throughout the preparations you may have prior your big wedding day, such as bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. You see, I deeply believe in my wirk and my creations. I also adore them. I believe this is crucial to success- if I believe in what I do, also my customers will. There is no other way, I am really convinced about this.



My Personal Style: Friends That Travel Together, Dress Together May 27 2018, 0 Comments


It is crucial to have friends in life. With time passing by so fast and the amount of work we have to do, not knowing anymore what it means to be a day without your phone & computer, not checking tons of e-mails several times a day and being active on the social media, friends and family truly became a sanctuary - now even more than ever before! I only have a few close friends (I guess that's normal) and I consider myself very lucky for that. I love to spend time together as much as I can, even more I love to travel with them. But what I love the most about my friends is that they are my biggest supporters, they adore my work and - here comes the best part - they push me (consciously or subconsciously) to develop, explore and in the end do things I would never thought I would do them and even start to like them! This post is very special to me since I am about to reveal you something new - yes, we are pushing the boundaries yet again! 
It was when we planned our trip together with my friend Mateja to Cinque Terre, that she asked me to make our iconic ruffle coat for her lovely daughter Ana. She owns already two, a pink one and a black one and she just wanted to match with Ana. I admit, I wasn't fond of the idea at first, especially with so much work. But, a friend is a friend and I just had to do the junior version of our statement ruffle coat. The rest is history. Because, dear ladies, we are proudly announcing The Lie by JPZ Junior line, which will consist of statement pieces from our collection - only in a smaller version! So now you can match with your baby girl - in the chicest way possible! 
You can order your daughter's ruffle coat on


Pomembno je imeti prijatelje. V današnjem tempu življenja, ko več ne poznamo prostih dni ali vsaj dneva brez telefona, računalnika, objavljanja na socialnih omrežjih in preverjanja elektronske pošte nekajkrat na dan (če ne celo nekajkrat na uro), prijatelji in družina resnično predstavljajo tisto zavetišče, ki ga potrebujemo, da  ne izgubimo sami sebe. Imam le nekaj bližnjih prijateljev, kar se mi sicer zdi normalno, hkrati pa velik privilegij, saj dostikrat težko najdeš vsaj enega dobrega prijatelja. Zelo rada preživljam z njimi kolikor časa le lahko, še raje pa z njimi potujem. Na potovanjih res kar precej odklopim delo - ne čisto, pa vendar dovolj, da si vsi skupaj napolnimo baterije. 
Moje prijateljice so moje največje podpornice in, zaradi česar se počutim še posebej priviligirano - vedno znova me potisnejo (zavestno ali podzavestno) k nečemu novemu in dobremu, k nečemu, za kar si nikoli ne bi mislila, da bom vzljubila!
Tokratna objava je precej posebna zame, saj vam bom razkrila novo skrivnost!
Bilo je, ko smo načrtovali naše skupno potovanje v Cinque Terre, da me je Mateja prosila, če bi naš ikonični plašček z volani (črnega in roza ima sama) naredila tudi njeni hčerki Ani. Priznam, na začetku mi ni bila ideja čisto nič všeč, še posebej pri obilici naročil, ki me čakajo. Vendar - za prijatelje naredimo marsikaj, kajne in jaz sem preprosto morala nerediti plašč za Ano. In ostalo, drage moje, je zgodovina. S ponosom vam oznanjam, da z ekipo pripravljamo The Lie by JPZ Junior linijo, ki bo sestavljena iz ikoničnih kosov iz naših aktualnih kolekcij - le v pomanjšani, otroški verziji. In sedaj se boste lahko "ujemale" z vašo malo na najbolj možen šik način. Mi že komaj čakamo - pa ve? 
Za naročilo plaščkov po meri za vašo najdražjo princesko nas kontaktirajte na


My Personal Style: All About The Contrasts May 06 2018, 0 Comments

Those who follow me and my brand, know very well, that I love contrasts. I spoke about them many times before. However, this time, I am creating contrast with a classic blazer, classic shopper bag, heels and - here it comes - track pants. Yes, this trend is not new at all - track pants with heels is already becoming a classic and we love it, but these looks are still mostly sporty. Extremely chic, but sporty, while iconic 3-stripe styles from Adidas Originals work anytime. Adidas originals mens 83-c  vintage track pants are, when styled with heels and other elegant pieces, perfect even for a busy work day. Agree?


Photo by: Tamara Vidmar Photography


THE LIE BY JPZ blazer, coin bracelet & shopper bag
GUCCI sunnies
ALDO ankle boots

My Prsonal Style: Purples & Reds April 28 2018, 0 Comments

Let's face it, ladies - black is a go-to color for almost everyone and most of people stick with their classic black and white pieces on a rack while completely ignoring gorgeous colors like fuchsia, indigo blue, red, purple...
But why, why are bright, fun colors so often overlooked? Most of people are secretly terrified of styling them the wrong way or think that colors just simply don't look well on them. Every woman has her own set of color matching rules, that's normal, but most of the rules are restrictive, unfortunately involving more "don't"s than "do"s. And that's such a shameeee!!! Cause in reality, you can wear more colors together than you think. And lets face two important facts:
1. color blocking is oh so IN!
2. You can now fearlessly rock neon yellow red heels without Grandma's belt-shoe-bag rule ringing in your ear, which is sooooo OUT!
Now, these last sunny days made me wear our new Spring/Summer 2018 collection (including purple blazer dress and python shopper bag with red handles) and regarding the two rules mentioned above - well, I guess the pictures will speak for itself. Right?


Photo by: Maja Waiss


THE LIE BY JPZ dress, bracelet & shopper bag
CHANEL brooch
MIU MIU sunnies
CASADEI over the knee boots

My Personal Style: Navy And A Pop Of Red April 27 2018, 1 Comment

We all need to have a classic navy blue in our closet. Why? Because it's as good as black. When in doubt, go for navy and you'll never go wrong. It's such an elegant color with eternal smell of sea. Can it get better than that...? It does! It's the choice of royalty - versatile in summer, winter, corporate or for pleasure, blue has never been more popular and w cancertainly say that blue is the new black. Go for a statement piece or two and work around them - a beautiful choice is definitely our drape skirt from Cruise 2018 collection, paired with patent leather shopper in navy blue as well.


Photo by: Maja Waiss


THE LIE BY JPZ skirt, belt & shopper bag
ZARA denim
CHANEL brooch
GUCCI sunnies
SPAZIO MODA BOLOGNA over the knee boots

Meet The Lie By JPZ Stylemakers vol. 3: The Red Carpet - Žarometi 2018 April 24 2018, 0 Comments

Spotted hitting the red carpet of this year's Slovenian media award Žarometi were also some of our gorgeous The Lie by JPZ Stylemakers! Check them out and take a look at what were they wearing!

My Personal Style: Sunday Style With A Pop of Color & The Lie by JPZ Eyewear April 22 2018, 0 Comments

Once Sunday knocks on my door it’s time to get my casual chic game face on. Sunday style for me equals comfortable clothes with chic, fun and colororful statement accessories. I elevated black and white with our big orange bag and statement white cat eye sunglasses. So, go on a city stroll, grab a glass of wine and relax this Sunday afternoon.



THE LIE BY JPZ bomber jacket, bag & sunglasses
ADIDAS tiro pants
GUCCI pumps

The Lie by JPZ Bridal - The Final Countdown vol. 2 April 01 2018, 0 Comments

Ahhhh, we are so so proud here at The Lie by JPZ. With our bridal collection almost coming out, dedicated to all romantic, urban, minimalist or avant-garde brides and their bridesmaids, we just have to show you this beautiful editorial by our photographer Tibor Golob with gorgeous Sandra, Bojana & Kate, rocking The Lie by JPZ red gowns from our upcoming Bridal Collection.
Dear brides, it's the final countdown, The Lie by JPZ Bridal Collection is launching soon and we can't wait to show it to you!


Photo: Tibor Golob
Models: Sandra, Bojana, Kate
Make up: Nina Arko
Hair: Adnel Onno

Have a Joyful Easter Break! April 01 2018, 0 Comments

Wishing you a joyful and stylish Easter break, filled with delicious treats, sweet pampering and beautiful bags!

With love, XOXOXO The Lie by JPZ Team!

P.S. Featuring The Lie by JPZ Luxurious bags - which one is your favorite?

February Equaled The Lie by JPZ Cover Girls March 11 2018, 0 Comments

We could say this past February equaled The Lie by JPZ Cover Girls. We had three beauties shining bright from the covers of Sloveninan magazines, rocking our couture & accessories. 
Which one is your favorite February The Lie by JPZ Cover Girl?


Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ red gown from our bridal collection on the cover of Story magazine on 15th of February 2018;
Denise Dame wearing The Lie by JPZ lace blouse and pants, leather belt, bum bag, wool jacket & fur vest on the cover of Avenija magazine, issued on 15th of February 2018.
Natalija Verboten wearing The Lie by JPZ leopard silk dress & turban on the cover of IN magazine, issued on 16th of February 2018.

My Personal Style: Baker Boy Hats March 08 2018, 0 Comments

Oh yes, it's so good to pair a few statement pieces to really get that super unique personal look. In this ensemble it's all about them; ruffle wool dress, embellished bag, leather choker with a golden pin and - baker boy hat. This trend is massive lately. It's a hat style you see constantly across all major fashion capitals and which I feel will be the hat trend that dominates also in 2018. So, heading toward sping - hop in the LBD, throw over your favorite coat and get into the retro vibe with our stylish baker boy hats... Dear ladies - they are coming in gorgeous eye-catching colors in our SS 2018 Collection.



THE LIE BY JPZ ruffle wool dress, leather choker, bag & baker boy hat
ZLATARSTVO OROŽ 14K gold choker neklace
CHANEL brooch

#tbt To Our Favorite 2016 & 2017 Covers February 20 2018, 0 Comments

This throwback Thursday is a tribute to our cover girls and favorite covers from past two years. There's just something about seeing beautiful ladies wearing your products on the front page of a magazine. In retrospective, here are our favorites of 2016 & 2017.
Which one you like most?


Nuša Derenda wearing The Lie by JPZ pussy bow blouse, fring skirt & leather belt on the cover of Nika magazine in February 2016;

Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ body chain on the cover of Nova magazine in August 2016;

Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ evening gown on the cover of Story magazine in September 2016;

Jerneja Podbevsek Zhembrovskyy wearing The Lie by JPZ Evening gown, leather belt and 14K gold ring bracelet on the cover of Nika magazine in November 2016;

Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ tulle skirt, leather belt and drop earringson the cover of Lady magazine in March 2017;

Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ skirt, silk blouse, earrings, leather belt and chain skirt & her mom, Daška Dremelj, wearing The Lie by JPZ silk dress, necklace & leather belt on the cover of Story magazine in April 2017;

Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ leather choker, necklace and sequin skirt  on the cover of Story magazine in June 2017;

Natalija Verboten wearing The Lie by JPZ lace dress on the cover of Avenija magazine in July 2017;

Rebeka Dremelj wearing The Lie by JPZ dress & belt on the cover of Lady magazine in December 2016;

The Lie by JPZ X Style Maker Denise Dame February 19 2018, 0 Comments

Always happy to see our Style Makers rocking The Lie by JPZ couture & accesories. Here's Denise Dame, looking absolutely gorgeous in a stylish Slovenian restaurant & hotel Ob železnici, wearing:

Outfit no. 1:
The Lie by JPZ lace blouse & pants, leather belt, bum bag, wool jacket & fur vest;

Outfit no. 2:
The Lie by JPZ pussy bow blouse, wool jacket, leather belt, leather gloves, skirt & fur stole

Outfit no. 3: 
The Lie by JPZ flare pants, top, fur vest & bag

Outfit no. 4: 
The Lie by JPZ blouse, leather belt, skirt, leather gloves & fur stole.

Picture perfect were made again by the one & only Tibor Golob.
Hair: Kristijan Skamljič
Make up: Mojca Škof



The Lie by JPZ X Style Maker Gaja Prestor Alias The Lie by JPZ Bridal Collection Reveal Final Countdown vol.1 February 18 2018, 0 Comments

Ahhhh, we are so so proud here at The Lie by JPZ. With our bridal collection almost coming out, dedicated to all romantic, urban, minimalist or avant-garde brides and their bridesmaids, we just had to share this beautiful editorial of our gorgeous The Lie by JPZ Stylemaker Gaja Prstor, looking absolutely stunning in our black gown from bridal collection. Shot in picturesque Prague, all this beauty was captured by our dear & talented photographer Tibor Golob.
Dear brides, it's the final countdown, The Lie by JPZ bridal collection is launching soon and we can't wait to show it to you


Foto: Tibor Golob

My Personal Style: Happy Valentine's Day Or Why To Go For A Red Evening Gown More Often February 14 2018, 1 Comment

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves! May your whole year be filled with Love!
Now, let me dedicate this post to red color, red evening gowns and a few reasons, why should you go for a red evening gown (more often).
Red is not just a color. It's a state of mind. Red is rooted in blood... it instantly attracts attention, makes people excited and energetic. It's a powerful color, one of the first colors used in prehistoric art and in modern days most commonly associated with heat, passion, love and sexuality.
In fashion, re is and always was a very desirable color. There are many shades of red, thus every woman can find that perfect shade for herself.
I would say - when in doubt, wear red. A red dress can be a bold fashion statement and when worn well, you can create with it a look that is both classic and seductive. You can just never go wrong with red, in winter or in summer, on a summer wedding or a black tie event, red evening gown will always pull you out of a "nothing to wear" problem in the best possible way. Just keep your red dress the focal point of your ensemble, complementing it with simple accessories that add interest and contrast to your look. White pumps and leopard clutch, or more neutral nude, silver and gold pieces and you're good to go being the star of the night...
Therefore, when investing in a beautiful and practical evening attire, go for a simple red gown, dear ladies! 


Foto by: Tibor Golob


The Lie by JPZ evening gown

My Personal Style: Sequins, Nudes, Fringes &Stuff February 06 2018, 3 Comments

Hello, ladies!

Current situation in Slovenia is a magical white winter fairytale. But this outfit one is from a few weeks ago, when it actually smelled like spring in front of my favorite spot with best food in Slovenia - penzion Kračun & restaurant Ob železnici; With its exclusive ambience and selected furnishing, restaurany & pizzeria Ob železnici is situated on ground floor of Hotel Kračun and it's must go for every pizza, risotto, pasta & burger lover! Penzion Kračun offers 12 comfortable and modern rooms where you'll recharge your body and soul in the heart of beautiful nature and pictouresque Draža vas and Žiče. Highly recommended!
I love incorporating sequins in daily looks. If you find them too avantgarde, try a matte version, like this skirt from our SS 2017 Formosa collection, which is the perfect piece for transitioning your daily look to a cocktail party attire. Agree? I paired it with our silk blouse and camel wool coat and for that extra twist, I added our playfull fringe shopper bag with edgi OTK in beige. For a pop of color in this basically monochromatic look, there's this fun Gucci hat in green and red.
For any inquiries about our custom made pieces, send us an e-mail on


Photo by: Tibor Golob
Location:  penzion Kračun & restaurant Ob železnici (click here to visit their beutiful  website and see their amazing offer)


THE LIE BY JPZ silk blouse, sequin skirt, leather belt, wool jacket, bag charm & fringe bag
ZLATARSTVO OROŽ 14K gold choker neklace
CELINE sunnies
CHANEL brooch
SIMMI boots

My Personal Style: All About That Red January 05 2018, 1 Comment

First hello in 2018 dear ladies! 

My first personal style blog post is in red from head to toe - I guess for the energetic + extremely stylish jump in the New Year, towards new dreams and new goals! I am absolutely in love with my red winter suit from the upcoming FW 18/19 collection. Wanted to go for a monochromatic look, so I added red monochromatic over the knee boots & this beautiful vintage red wool coat from my beloved grandmother (who was a true fashionista her entire and I inherited a lot of statement clothing and jewelry from her). For a small contrast (you know I love those!), I just had to add a hat and our beautiful statement shopper bag in navy blue.

I hope you all had a great jump into the New Year and wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


P.S. I am preparing a very special blog post very soon. This one really means a lot to me and I just can't wait to share it with you!


THE LIE BY JPZ pants, jacket, belt, leather glovs, necklace & shopper bag
Grandmother's vintage coat
CHANEL brooch

Have A Stylish One! December 31 2017, 0 Comments

Meet The Lie By JPZ Stylemakers vol. 2: The Glitter Series November 10 2017, 0 Comments

The Lie by JPZ limited edition NY'S CAPSULE COLLECTION is already taking over the world - take a look at our The Lie by JPZ stylemakers, who are obsessing over it in Dubai, Italy, Serbia & Slovenia! 
This festive season, become #theliebyjpzstylemaker and play with light in luxe The Lie by JPZ NY's Capsule Collection gowns that shimmer, sparkle and shine in the dark.



The Lie by JPZ NY's CAPSULE COLLECTION November 08 2017, 10 Comments


Dear ladies!
You've asked, we've delivered! You wanted to shine this festive season, yet you wanted something comfortable and simple to wear. Non sensitive fabric, that lets you dance the night away, not worrying about your train getting torn. You've asked for styles that everyone can wear, no matter size or age. Dear ladies, here it is: The Lie by JPZ limited edition NY'S CAPSULE COLLECTION, made from 14 influential pieces, resembling my vision of shimmering in the dark, while being extremely functional. So, this festive season, play with light in luxe The Lie by JPZ gowns that shimmer, sparkle and shine in the dark.


Drage dame!
Vaša želja je bila naš ukaz! Letošnje praznično obdobje, ki se je danes tudi uradno že začelo po modnih prestolnicah kot sta Pariz in London, ste želele blesteti - še bolj, kot ponavadi. A hkrati ste želele nosljivost in udobje. Neobčutljive materiale, ki vam bodo dopuščali preplesati vso noč, brez skrbi o razstrgani vlečki. Želele ste različne modele, ki pristojijo različnim postavam, ne glede na starost. Drage moje, tu je: The Lie by JPZ limited edition NY'S CAPSULE COLLECTION, sestavljena iz 14 prelepih večernih oblek, ki izražajo mojo vizijo prazničnega lesketanja na vaših zabavah, medtem, ko jih odlikuje tudi funkcionalnost. Torej, tokratno praznično obdobje se igrajte s svetlobo zatemnjenih prostorov v luksuznih The Lie by JPZ večernih oblekah in zablestite - še bolj, kot sicer.


My Top Fashion Picks On Our Stylemaker Rebeka Dremelj's New Blog November 07 2017, 0 Comments


Hey ladies!
I guess I always loved writing and it's probably in my DNA since my mom is a journalist.
Over the years, i have written many columns and articles on fashion, but here's a new project, very dear to my heart. Why? Cause from now on I will share my top fashion picks on new blog, launeched yesterday, ran by our all time favorite The Lie by JPZ Stylemakers, Rebeka Dremelj! Yes, I love her. We've started working together 8 years ago and since developed a very close friendship. Maybe we don't see each othyer as often as we would like (or need to), but it's one of those relationships you just know that when I am in need, it's her I can always turn to.
So, take a look at our top 5 fall fashion picks on our The Lie by JPZ Stylemaker Rebeka Dremelj's new blog - some of you may not understand, but I guess pictures are also in this case worth more than a thousand words: NEPREMAGLJIVA.SI


Drage moje!
Tokrat objavo na našem blogu pišem tudi v Slovenščini - prvič. Preprosto zato, ker je bolj kot našim tujim strankam in bralcem, namenjen vam, drage Slovenke. 
Od nekdaj sem rada pisala in pisanje je verjetno zasidrano v mojem DNK-ju, saj je novinarka moja mami. Skozi leta sem ustvarila veliko kolumn in člankov na temo mode, tokratni nov projekt pa mi je še posebej pri srcu. Zakaj? Kajti od sedaj naprej bom svojih top 5 modnih kosov, ki jih preprosto morate imeti v svoji omari (tako kot Rebeka), delila z vami na njenem novem blogu! Ja, zelo jo imam rada. Sodelovati sva začeli 8 let nazaj in od takrat spletli tesno prijateljstvo. Takšno, za katero preprosto veš, da se, ko si v stiski, lahko zaneseš nanj.
Torej, drage moje, klik na nov Rebekin blog in odkrijte, katerih top 5 jesenskih kosov prepristo ne sme manjkati v vaši garderobi: NEPREMAGLJIVA.SI


The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 2017/2018 Collection: The Secret Garden October 01 2017, 1 Comment

In the world of industrial revolution, there is she - beautiful and strong. Rough, because she needs to be. But, when she can, in her own time, with herself or surrounded by the closest to her, she's gentle, kind and warm. Complicated and yet so simple, full of contrasts, she resembles perfectly our new collection: clean lines, colliding with voluminous ruffles while mysteriously pinned with pearls and flowers. Meet her in The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 2017/2018 Collection. Meet her  in The Secret Garden.


FOTO: Tibor Golob

My Personal Style: Oh... Black On Black In Beautiful Dalmatia September 02 2017, 1 Comment

Every single year, when summer starts showing signs of heat start to dream about my vacation in Dalmatia. No matter where or how long, I just need to get yearly dose of island life, boat, sea, salty hair, tons of fruits, sea food, pasta and some chic italian style. Rewatching Malena and The Godfather, listening to That's Amore and Mambo Italiano and adapting a Monica Bellucci style for warm weather equals my perfect holiday. Channel your inner "Bella Dona” with a few little key pieces: keep it simple but ultra feminine and sexy with black lace dress, revealing just enough either the cut or shape, golden classic jewellery and a statement straw bag.



THE LIE BY JPZ dress, leather choker, veil fascinator, fringe belt & straw bag
CELINE sunnies
JIMMY CHOO sandals

My Personal Style: Weekly Bag Guide July 31 2017, 0 Comments

The Lie by JPZ CRUISE 2018 Collection: Bella Slovena May 28 2017, 1 Comment

White, blue, marine stripes, polka dots, ruffles, lace, baskets, straw bags and idilic Karst villages... The Lie by JPZ significant over-the-top glamour paired with casual and traditionaly inspired relaxed silhouettes will surely catch the eye of every chic and stylish fashionista, when packing for her warm weather getaways. 
The Lie by JPZ Cruise 2018 Collection BELLA SLOVENA final countdown!


FOTO: Tibor Golob

My Personal Style: Spring Blacks May 27 2017, 1 Comment

Sometimes you simply don’t have time or energy to put into your outfits, but don’t worry. Black on black with some creative thinking is a solid solution for go-to outfits that will surely have others envious of your on-the-go styles. Having some ultra-chic black pieces that can be paired with black basics is the best way to be able to focus on other things, more important at the moment. Elevate your blacks with a cool jacket, such as our outstanding black peplum blazer with net cut outs from SS 2017 Formosa collection and this beauty of a bag - which I consider a true masterpiece of mine - and be a head turner, even when you put the least effort to your outfit...



THE LIE BY JPZ peplum jacket & bag
H&M tee & pants
FOREVER 21 bra
CELINE sunnies
Engagement ring
White gold & silver jewellery from all over the world 

RENINI sandals

My Personal Style: Minimalist Bride vol. 1 May 02 2017, 2 Comments

Choosing the perfect bridal dress will make your wedding day even more special. Say I do in The Lie by JPZ selection of stunning minimalist bridal styles for the sophisticated and elegant bride wanting an understated yet chic wedding appearance.
Emphasizing female figure, The Lie by JPZ gowns are designed to make you feel glamorous and look beautiful.



THE LIE BY JPZ evening gown, leather belt, earrings & hand cuff

The Lie by JPZ CRUISE 2018 Coming Soon May 02 2017, 0 Comments

White, blue, marine stripes, polka dots, ruffles, lace, baskets, straw bags and idilic Karst villages... The Lie by JPZ Cruise 2018 Collection coming soon. 


Foto: Tibor Golob

#fb The Lie by JPZ In COOL UK Magazine Editorial April 30 2017, 0 Comments

Featuring The Lie by JPZ blue evening gown with red belt, silver and red leather choker.

Here's a little flashback to this beautiful editorial for COOL UK magazine, feauturing The Lie by JPZ couture & accessories.


Featuring The Lie by JPZ red leather choker.
Featuring The Lie by JPZ silver dress and body chain necklace.

Featuring The Lie by JPZ red lace top and red fringe skirt.

Easter Pampering April 17 2017, 1 Comment

Time for some Easter pampering! Sit back, relax and order your favorite The Lie by JPZ Easter beauty. Spoil yourself with a new The Lie by JPZ wardrobe addition in delicious colours and combinations and spice up your springish look! Clutches 1,2,4 & 5 now available at 183€ and bold fuchsia waist belt at 97,60 €!! A little pampering on Easter Monday never killed nobody, right?
For more, contact us on
Happy Easter Monday!


Wishing You A Stylish Easter! April 16 2017, 1 Comment

Wishing you a joyful and stylish easter break, filled with delicious treats, sweet pampering and beautiful bags, with love,

XOXOXO The Lie by JPZ Team

Featuring The Lie by JPZ Luxurious Yellow Muff Fur Clutch from our SS 2017 Formosa Collection!

The Lie by JPZ for Celebrity Moms & Daughters in Story Magazine April 15 2017, 0 Comments

REBEKA DREMELJ wearing The Lie by JPZ silk blouse, skirt, leather belt, chain skirt, bracelet & drop earrings
DAŠKA DREMELJ wearing The Lie by JPZ dress, belt & necklace

Celebrity mothers & daughters looking chic and glamorous in Story magazine, wearing The Lie by JPZ. Mothers of two great Slovenian singers Rebeka and Špela, famous dancer Sebastian and amazing photographer Tibor Golob were all rocking our couture & accessories like true fashionistas. Another proof of confidence, beauty, and style that can only be achieved through the experience of a life. Yes, when it comes to fashion and style, age is nothing but a state of mind! Ladies, you are such an inspiration...


Foto: Tibor Golob

ŠPELA GROŠELJ wearing The Lie by JPZ dress & chain necklace
MAGDALENA GROŠELJ wearing The Lie by JPZ dress & choker

VLASTA wearing The Lie by JPZ skirt, tassel necklace, t-shirt & leather gloves

MARIJA GOLOB wearing The Lie by JPZ evening gown, fringe belt & necklace

The Lie by JPZ SPRING / SUMMER 2017 Collection: FORMOSA April 13 2017, 1 Comment

Worshiping female figure, beautiful lines and seductive curves, this season burst in all your glory as our new collection is all about the divinity only you possess.
Regardless of where our bloodlines are rooted geographically, we are all gifted with beautiful female anatomy and divine feminine energy by default. It’s out birth right to tap into it and embody it. And now, with a slight masculine touch in most elegant way, you have to embrace it even more. 
That is why this Spring / Sumer 2017, we give you divinity itself. We give you FORMOSA.

My Personal Style: Spring Pastels April 03 2017, 0 Comments

The cherry blossom and Magnolia trees are without a doubt the stars of springtime! And with city of Ljubljana bursting into pink color in a beautiful display of floral fireworks, we can say it's officially time to pull out nudes, pastels, powder pinks, ruffles and short skirts! By the way - completely obsessed with this chain belt and powder pink clutch, they truly elevate the entire springish look, don't you think?



THE LIE BY JPZ skirt, chain tassel belt & clutch
H&M ruffle blouse
ESCADA sunnies
Silver link bracelet from Amsterdam 
SWAROVSKI earrings
STEVE MADDEN cage sandals

Shop Classic Clutch Powder Pink Diamond
Shop Mocca Tassel Chain Belt

Are You Ready??? March 30 2017, 1 Comment

We give you The Lie by JPZ SPRING/SUMMER 2017 collection... We give you FORMOSA. Soon...

Are you ready?


My Personal Style: Travel Style March 28 2017, 1 Comment

I love to travel in style while being comfortable. And the airport is one of the best places to spot an authentic fashionista. Why? Cause there's something so effortlessly chic about the tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, sunnies and coats fashion icon picks to fly, making travelling look so stylish and hassle free! This are my top tips for you to travel in style:

1.Sunglasses are perfect jet-setter accessory and a great way to elevate an outfit while travelling.
2. Instead of pants, go for track pants! They are as fashionable as ever and perfect to style with sneakers or heels!
3. Fur vest - everyone should have one while travelling. They are great for warmth on the plane, not to mention extremely chic and luxurious.
4. Statement bag - yes, an amazing bag can make or break an outfit! Go for either a practical small cross body or, if you are heavy packer like I an, with many essentials, go for one that can be worn on your shoulders. This time, I chose our latest model from SS 2017 collection - elegant, unique yet bold and dramatic to truly make a statement!
5. Shoes! They are every woman’s guilty pleasure! I love to travel in flats and keep my heels in hand luggage in case I have to go straight to a meeting.



THE LIE BY JPZ fur vest & bag
ZARA top
ADIDAS track suit and Superstar sneakers
CELINE sunnies
Engagement ring
Rose gold evil eye with enamel and diamonds
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
Evil eye golden bracelets
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity bracelet
ALESSI GIOELLI rose gold bracelet
SAMSONITE suitcase

My Personal Style: Leopard Is The New Black March 28 2017, 2 Comments

Oh yes, Leopard is the new Black, that's for sure! When styled correctly, a leopard print coat surely is a fashionista's best friend. Timeless, tremendously chic and surprisingly versatile, perfect to match with a classic female tuxedo (like the one I am wearing from our SS 2016 CiTy cHiC collection), jeans, leather or adidas track suit, it’s become a something of classic item - who doesn't remember iconic Kate Moss's looks with her leopard coat ever since 1994?
Yes, when thinking about investment piece, that will last for ages and elevate any look, go for our gorgeous leopard print fur coat from our FW 16/17 Haute Hippie collection and shine like true fashion lovers do!



THE LIE BY JPZ female tuxedo, fringed bag, belt & leopard coat
Engagement ring
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
Evil eye golden bracelets
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity bracelet
ALESSI GIOELLI rose gold bracelet
Custom made golden necklace
Custom made knuckle rings BY ZLATARSTVO OROŽ
Silver and white gold bracelets from all over

My Personal Style: #tbt To Christmas Week & Fairytale Outfit February 21 2017, 1 Comment

How time flies... It seems like Christmas week was just yesterday while in fact two months already passed since. Ahhh, how I love Holiday season and everything connected to it. The time, when everything feels like fairytale, joy, cheerful music, beautiful decoration and cinnamon smell all around... And that's the time when I love to put together a fairytale-like winter outfits. Tulle, ruffles, Lara's hat, a sprinkle of silver and gold - all this helps to make a festive, cute, retro and luxurious holiday look. Oh, and for that extra urban touch, I just had to add a smell of rock with studded belt and black over the knee boots. Because you know - we always love contrasts...



THE LIE BY JPZ tulle skirt, ruffle coat, Lara's hat, belt, 14K golden ring bracelet & bag
ZARA turtleneck
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
Evil eye golden bracelet
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity bracelet
ALESSI GIOELLI rose gold bracelet
Diamonds & enamel rose gold ring bracelet

All About That Flare February 20 2017, 0 Comments

Sport flare like a pro! This season, some of our favourite The Lie by JPZ fashionistas are already all wrapped in chic and cool flare! Grab your hands on the hottest trend and welcome spring in style… We're here to help and create that perfect flare for you!


Be Mine Valentine... February 13 2017, 0 Comments

Treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine's Day with luxuriously sexy The Lie by JPZ fine jewellery collection and get 10% Valentine's discount! 
Step out of your comfort zone and accessorise with jewellery that makes a statement. There truly is nothing better than gifting yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry to celebrate the love.
Remember - Valentine's Day has never been so luxuriously sexy...


Shop the collection here

My Personal Style: I Swear On Flare In 2017 As Well February 09 2017, 0 Comments

Get heads turning with The Lie by JPZ flare jeans! These high-waisted '70s throwbacks are a must have in your wardrobe and there's a flare jeans for everyone—which is perfect because the bell curve flatters every body type. Find the style you love with us and get your custom made The Lie by JPZ flare beauties! Yes, we swear on flare in 2017 as well!



THE LIE BY JPZ flare jeans, 14K golden ring bracelet, belt, jacket & bag
CELINE sunnies
ZARA sweater
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
Evil eye golden bracelet
ZLATARNA OROŽ name necklace
Fatima palm rose gold with diamonds necklace
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity bracelet
ALESSI GIOELLI rose gold bracelet
ZLATARNA OROŽ bracelet and custom made bangles
BUFFALO ankle boots

End Of January And A Little Bit Of Pampering January 31 2017, 0 Comments

Pampering yourself can include a wide range of activities, all of which should be tailored towards making you feel happy and relaxed. You can pamper your body, mind, or heart. Or, you can pamper all at once, just sit back, relax and order your favorite The Lie by JPZ beauty. Go on a shopping spree and outfit yourself with a new wardrobe addition - The Lie by JPZ statement clutch. Purple snake clutch now available at 109,80€, green clutch with leopard detail at 134,20€ and green clutch with studs, stones and silver chain at 158,60€. A little pampering at the end of January never killed nobody, right?


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! January 02 2017, 4 Comments

Hello everyone!
Can you believe that another year is gone and new one just started? I hope you’ve been having a great holiday season surrounded with your loved ones, making some unforgettable memories! 

2016 was a special year. A lot of success business wise, some difficult and sad moments regarding personal life, a lot of beautiful moments, kind people, amazing travels and finishing off with our beautiful engagement. Overall, it has been a wonderful year filled with a lot of adventures and chic looks – and here I am, highlighting my favorite looks from this past year.
Thank you for following along and getting inspired by my style and my designs!


Have A Glamorous 2017! January 01 2017, 0 Comments

Our dearest The Lie by JPZ Style makers!
Another year, another chapter, more fashionable stories. Thank you for riding along, for all the support, for being a true inspiration! We'll keep on pushing the boundaries also in 2017!
Have a glamorous 2017!

From all at The Lie by JPZ