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My Personal Style: Lost In Provencal Fields... September 12 2016, 3 Comments

I consider myself lucky. Very lucky. I found my heaven on Earth and it's called Plateu de Valensole...
The city of Valensole is located south east of France. Magical lavender fields with hypnotic smell, millions of bees and butterflies, delicious food and beautiful streets - yes, this is what I call heaven on Earth. 
It is a pleasure to stroll through the narrow streets of the old city and it's also a health resort well appreciated for its pure fresh air.
Situated in the middle of a magnificent plateau of lavender and almond trees, aromas waft through the air confirming the fact that Valensole is one of the most important producers of lavender in Provence and truly a place to charge your energy, spoil all your senses and rest your mind and soul.
With the outstanding scenery of purple, white lace gown was a look to go for, creating a subtle and romantic yet sexy and bold look...



THE LIE BY JPZ 14k golden ring bracelet, dress & choker
Lace umbrella from Barcelona
Lace fan from Madrid
Diamond rings
Custom made golden bangles
ALESSI GIOELLI rose gold bracelet
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity rose gold bracelet
Vintage golden bracelets
Custom made golden necklace
Fatima palm rose gold with diamonds necklace


The Lie by JPZ Evening Gown For Miss Earth World Final 2015 November 13 2015, 1 Comment

Step into the world of fairytale forests and ethereal fairies. Where glorious sunlit clearings, magical sounds and hypnotic smells arose every day and night, over and over again...There you'll find our new masterpiece, fairy inspired blush lace evening gown with light and flowy chiffon cape, created for beautiful Miss Earth Slovenia 2015, Laura Škvorc, for her final appearance on Miss Earth world final. Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness and contestants tend to be strong defenders of nature, believing in pageant's motto Beauties for a Cause.
That is why this time, I drew inspiration from Slovenian forests, which not only have important ecological and social functions, but also lend exceptional beauty to the Slovenian landscape, emerging in beautiful fairy style gown, capturing Laura's essence: her grace, her spark and her timeless beauty.

Keep your fingers crossed for her final performance and best classification on Miss Earth world final 2015, held on 5 December in Vienna, Austria!