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My Personal Style: Saturday Night Black Textures April 16 2016, 4 Comments

Black always works, no doubt about. With it, you can never go wrong, though you might tend to be a little bit boring... So, step out of your comfort zone, just for a bit (or quite a lot actually) and play with different textures - a lot of textures. Combine different materials and go for a few statement pieces - yes, you can definitely do that, when creating a monochromatic look. In the end, elevate your look with a bit of metallic sparkle, such as our fringed clutch from the latest SS 2016 City Chic collection and you're ready to rock the night away...



THE LIE BY JPZ skirt, jacket, leather choker & fringed bag
H&M tee 
FOREVER 21 bra
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye motif golden bracelets
ZLATARSTVO OROŽ name necklace
Custom made golden necklaces & bangle
Rose gold with diamonds and mother of pearl evil eye bracelet
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity rose gold bracelet
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
LESILLA over the knee boots

My Personal Style: London Textures February 14 2016, 5 Comments

Black textures with a sprinkle of white were the best warm yet chic choice for a super cold and extremely windy London. I love to stay warm and with the right layering you can look chic even in a very cold weather. The trick is in a few statement pieces and different material textures. 
Since I was three years old, I've been to London every year ever since. I like London - toast bread with butter (which tastes soooo incredibly good only there), red busses and telephone boxes (oh, so photogenic), unpredictable weather, beautiful cemetery on Earl's Court with cutest little squirrels, Covent Garden market and amazing musicals. 
This year was extremely windy, so layered look was a must. When layering in one colour, try to play with different textures - that's what makes look unique and interesting. As you can see, I went for wool (coat), fur (vest), faux leather with interesting stitching (pants), suede leather (boots) and patent leather (bag). Yes, many different materials, which work together so nicely, and I spiced up the entire black look with a white tee peeking under a black turtleneck, white Lara's hat and a statement fringed bag in black and white combination.


Paula, thank you for the sexiest taxi ride ever!


THE LIE BY JPZ fur vest, coat, Lara's hat & bag
ZARA turtleneck
H&M tee
GUCCI heart bracelet
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye motif silver and golden bracelets
Rose gold with diamonds and mother of pearl evil eye bracelet
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
CINTI boots

My Personal Style: #fbf To NYE Outfit Or Fur Stole Trick From The 1950's January 08 2016, 6 Comments

It’s not a big secret, that I love fashion icons from the 1950’s. And it's no secret, how much I love contrasts in style. Having said that, my NYE outfit choice was definitely inspired by stated above. 
Lately, at every corner you turn, someone is wrapped up in one. In every city across the globe, magazines state that you need one. And bloggers, fashionistas or models all own one!
Here at The Lie by JPZ we love fur stoles and we used it wrapped around beautiful red wool dress and fixed to it with a statement belt already in our FW 2013/2014 collection When In Budapest With Tristan Karol. make sure you elevate your look during the chilly months with one of these bad boys.
I styled our elegant sequinned The Lie by JPZ jumpsuit (cause you just have to sparkle on a NYE) with an edgy, long black jacket with leather-effect sleeves for an urban twist, while chunky belt and statement bag added a sophisticated rock-chic effect to the entire look (which I love since I was a little girl and my father took me to many rock concerts).
And now comes the Marilyn Monroe, or rather, because of a modern downtown edge, Marlene Dietrich moment! - by adding our stunning The Lie by JPZ white fur stole which totally elevated the look to a whole different level!



THE LIE BY JPZ jumpsuit, jacket, belt, bag & fur stole
Silver & white gold diamond rings, earrings and bracelets
JIMMY CHOO sandals

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My Personal Style: Grab Bag On A Bag Trend September 23 2015, 10 Comments

After a while it's time for some serious fall trends. The two purse trend is official for quite some time now and of course I love it, especially when travelling. But the one I love even more, is our Bag On A Bag Trend! I love creativity and I adore attaching a smaller, eye-catching purse to a bigger, more sophisticated shopper. The second trend you absolutely have to embrace this fall, is our The Lie by JPZ fur trimmed jacket from our fall winter 2015/2016 collection. This piece is every fashionista's dream, since the furry part is detachable with beautiful golden zip, so it can be worn as a short jacket, longer jacket with fur or you can just simply wear fur alone around your neck. 
This is my typical fall outfit, and I matched The Lie by JPZ jacket, skirt and both bags with Elisabetta Franchi wool top, LeSilla over the knee boots and La Perla by Jean Paul Gaultier bra - you know, when your bra is just simply to good to hide...



THE LIE BY JPZ jacket, skirt, clutch & shopper
EVIL EYE bracelets
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
LE SILLA over the knee boots

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My Personal Style: Mixing & Matching Black Textures February 26 2015, 5 Comments

You can never ever go wrong with all black outfit. But, you can make it more fun by mixing&matching different textures. Leather, wool, silk, cotton... Every material has it's own look and when mixed together in black, the result can be really outstanding! I created this sophisticated look with our The Lie by JPZ leather skirt, Zara jacket and Cinti over the knee leather boots. And of course, our The Lie by JPZ Lara's hat, fur collar and big leopard tote are the kind of accessories, that are much needed on a cold winter day!



THE LIE BY JPZ lara's hat, fur collar, skirt & bag
ZARA jacket
TED BAKER gloves
CINTI over the knee boots

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