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My Personal Style: Red Tartan to Start Festive December November 28 2019, 0 Comments

Let's admit - we all had a tartan dress or skirt when we were 5 years old! And then again when we were 15, going through a pop-punk style phase.  However, there are plenty of ways to wear red plaid that feel downright timeless. It's a must have in every closet, especially now, when festive december is just around the corner and you can have so much fun creating chic and stylish looks with it.  There are plenty of ways to wear the festive fabric without looking like a holiday postcard - style it with jeans pants, leather jacket, wool coat and white shirt or go bold as I love to do and match it with another tartan in different color. Remember - just have fun with it!


Photo by Tibor Golob


THE LIE BY JPZ tartan jacket (and surronded by an orange drum bag, belt bag & backpack)
H&M tartan pants
J CREW earrings