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Spanish Travel Diary: Day 1 - Rosas & Barcelona September 20 2016, 1 Comment

Rosas is an essentially Mediterranean town with a notable tourist and seafaring tradition. Located in a unique natural environment in the northern area of the Costa Brava, it is less than 30 km from the French border and 160 km from Barcelona, so therefore it was my first stop on a "Spanish" tour. Rosas origins date back to the eighth century BC with the arrival of the Greeks. It is a modern town, which is culturally active with its proud traditions. It offers excellent shopping, restaurants, bars, beautiful beaches and fun nightlife. 
Rosas is near to some of the most attractive and least crowded beaches of the Costa Brava. Just down the road, the vast stretch of beach runs all the way to historic Sant Martí de Empuries.
After enjoying Rosas, there comes the outstanding 
Barcelona with i's historic sights, fantastic restaurants with delicious tapas, world-class museums and art galleries. Heaven for every artistic soul...
Always inspired by great architecture, the first thing to see in Barcelona was Antonio Gaudi's magnum opus, the most visited monument in Barcelona, church Sagrada Familia. With its most amazing arches, towers and Nativity facade, Sagrada Familia truly is a masterpiece like no other. La Pedrera is another Gaudi's jewel worth visiting. Apartment building, 
commissioned in 1906 by businessman Pere Milà i Camps and his wife Roser Segimon i Artells, is the result of two buildings, which are structured around two courtyards that provide light to the nine levels: basement, ground floor, mezzanine, main or noble floor, four upper floors, and an attic, distributing 20 homes for rent. One of the most significant parts of the building is definitely the roof with skylights, staircase exits, fans and chimneys. All of these elements are constructed from timbrel and coated with limestone, broken marble or glass and have become real sculptures integrated into the building.
Amazing to see is also Barcelona Cathedral. Gothic cathedral, dedicated to young virgin Eulalia of Barcelona, co-patron saint of Barcelona, whose body is entombed in the cathedral's crypt, has an outstanding chapels and crypt with beautiful atrium, where you'll find cathedral's garden, fountain and even geese. 

Let me close this blog post with the most amazing thought: "Each makes use of the gift God has given them. Developing this gifts is the highest social perfection. One who builds and must do things should not criticize the works of others, nor defend their own, but make and direct criticisms against their own works to purify and improve them."
Antonio Gaudi 



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My Personal Style: '90s Look For A Ferry Trip July 24 2016, 6 Comments

The '90s trends made a huge comeback and they are not going away quite yet. And, it's the '90s that I draw inspiration from for my casual look on a ferry boat.
You know, that history tends to repeat itself and the saying definitely holds true in the fashion industry.
Here are a few trends from the '90s, you simply must rock this summer:
CHOKER: do you remember the tattoo style version? I guess we all wore them. The look lives on and you can do it in a more sophisticated way - with a black leather strap or, go even further and choose them in different colours or materials (such as metal) for a truly glamorous appearance.
FLORAL PRINT: the floral print in little daisy prints has made a strong comeback and it's just perfect for romantic summer outfits.
PLATFORMS: Even though you thought you'd never see sky high platforms again, they are BACK! You can certainly go for a more sophisticated version with a block heel.
FLANNEL: nineties grunge is back and more polished than ever, so the flannel shirts are here. Wear it or tie it around your hips for a more super cool look.
DENIM: what are 90's without denim? Well, they don't exist... So, denim jackets, high waisted jeans and hot pants are a must!
CROP TOP: the belly baring shirts were a '90s staple and they are back! Either for sporty and casual looks or in a more sophisticated tone in combination with high waistline umbrella and pencil skirts or pants.



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My Personal Style: Chic On The Go - Sweat Pants With Pumps June 02 2016, 1 Comment

Ever since the JLo's I'm gonna be alright music video release in 2001, I am absolutely obsessed with pairing tracksuit bottoms and heels. Cozy, yet effortlessly chic and very very cool. And while your job may not allow you this kind of looks, travel getaways do! When you want to look extremely stylish while stepping off the plane after a long hour flight, just throw on some sweat pants, cool T-shirt, tailored blazer, statement bag and killing heels, and there's an urban fashionista making everybody go like "wow, how does she pull it off?"  This travel look also comes in hand when your trip is of a business nature and you are picked by your busses partners already at the airport. It enables you to travel comfortable in your sneakers and when arrived at destination, you transform and elevate your look with a pair of beautiful heels, making bold, contrasting and urban yet chic and unusually elegant appearance.



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My Personal Style: Travel Outfit - Fall Pattern Mixing & Matching vol. 1 October 24 2015, 5 Comments

It's been quite hectic lately, I am travelling a lot and already got the feeling that I am basically living in my suitcases. But, I love to travel, so I shouldn't complain much.
When it comes to clothing for long hour flights, I definitely prefer comfort, which can also be done in a very trendy way. However, when I fly to a business meeting, I still like to look chic. Being in a fashion business I can afford more relaxed versions of "business" look, or I should better say much more relaxed version.
What I love about fall is that there comes a whole wide spectrum of patterns that are simply not supposed to be worn in the summer, such as check pattern, which I absolutely adore. And also animal prints work much better in fall. So, this time, I went for a lot of patterns at a time - as you see, I paired stripes with check, leopard and even orange zebra pattern! Yes, I admit, I love the pattern drama!
This time, the perfect coat for my business trip to Bucharest became our black wool mid length statement coat, trimmed with black fur from our current FALL WINTER 2015/2016 collection From Russia With Love. It's just so chic, isn't it?
And yes, when travelling, I just love to wear one big bag, where I can put all the necessary stuff (and also those not so necessary, to be honest), such as our Basic Minimalistic Shopper and a smaller one, Where I keep my phone, flight ticket and passport within the reach of hand (because of course, in the big bag, you just simply can not find anything among all that stuff). You know, why wear only one bag, when you can wear two or even the third one, attached to your tote (that is of course, if you do not travel with the low cost airline company, where only one cabin bag is permitted on board – when did the travelling became so stressful???).



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