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The Lie by JPZ NY's CAPSULE COLLECTION November 08 2017, 10 Comments


Dear ladies!
You've asked, we've delivered! You wanted to shine this festive season, yet you wanted something comfortable and simple to wear. Non sensitive fabric, that lets you dance the night away, not worrying about your train getting torn. You've asked for styles that everyone can wear, no matter size or age. Dear ladies, here it is: The Lie by JPZ limited edition NY'S CAPSULE COLLECTION, made from 14 influential pieces, resembling my vision of shimmering in the dark, while being extremely functional. So, this festive season, play with light in luxe The Lie by JPZ gowns that shimmer, sparkle and shine in the dark.


Drage dame!
Vaša želja je bila naš ukaz! Letošnje praznično obdobje, ki se je danes tudi uradno že začelo po modnih prestolnicah kot sta Pariz in London, ste želele blesteti - še bolj, kot ponavadi. A hkrati ste želele nosljivost in udobje. Neobčutljive materiale, ki vam bodo dopuščali preplesati vso noč, brez skrbi o razstrgani vlečki. Želele ste različne modele, ki pristojijo različnim postavam, ne glede na starost. Drage moje, tu je: The Lie by JPZ limited edition NY'S CAPSULE COLLECTION, sestavljena iz 14 prelepih večernih oblek, ki izražajo mojo vizijo prazničnega lesketanja na vaših zabavah, medtem, ko jih odlikuje tudi funkcionalnost. Torej, tokratno praznično obdobje se igrajte s svetlobo zatemnjenih prostorov v luksuznih The Lie by JPZ večernih oblekah in zablestite - še bolj, kot sicer.


My Personal Style: Glamorous In Red With A Touch Of Silver December 31 2015, 3 Comments

What are holidays for? Ever since I’m a little girl, holidays always meant for me hosting friends and family, eating good food (a looot of sweets), decorating apartment and dressing up in festive and glamorous outfits. Today is no different... I still love and do all that, except that when it comes down to dressing up, well, I do it in an even more glamorous way. To be honest, Christmas dinners and NYEs, when celebrated indoor, are the perfect occasion for every woman to wear long evening gown with some sparkling jewellery. It's the time, when no one can be overdressed, it's the time, when you can really go for a Hollywood glamour, have no bad feeling about it and - really enjoy it! I certainly always do.

Throughout the years as a designer, I came to realize that every woman, no matter the body figure, age or personal style, knows how to wear an evening gown. Yes ladies, we have this in our DNA! And if you haven't tried it yet, do it, because it feels absolutely amazing.

One of my favourites for NYE is definitely long red gown (for a lot of luck in the coming year) and silver accessories for an extremely glamorous touch!

Have a great NYE celebration, my dear fashionistas, XOXOXO JPZ


THE LIE BY JPZ gown & clutch
Silver & white gold diamond rings, earrings and bracelets
JIMMY CHOO sandals

Favourite The Lie by JPZ Christmas Covers & Spreads January 17 2015, 14 Comments

Before I established and launched my brand, I worked as a stylist for many Slovenian magazines, such as Playboy, Story, Bella Donna, Obrazi, Eva and many others. And the working period I loved the most, was always December, since all the covers, editorials and interview spreads have this festive thematic, which I absolutely adore, since Christmas is also my favourite holiday. Now, since I work as a designer, my styling is mostly desired by those celebrities, who love and wear The Lie by JPZ products, so they often want me to style them in my design for certain photoshootings. And this past December was no different. So here are my favourite December 2014 covers and interview spreads in my styling and design. Gorgeous singer Rebeka Dremelj in The Lie by JPZ white lara’s hat, fur collar, dress, earrings and belt ( 1st outfit ), red evening gown and earrings ( 2nd outfit) & black lara’s hat, povder pink skirt, hand muff, fur pom pom belt and earrings (3rd outfit). Stunning TV host Lili Žagar in The Lie by JPZ top, belt, skirt and multi chain necklace. And former Miss Earth Slovenia 2011 and now actress in Mexico, lovely Rebecca Kim Lekše in The Lie by JPZ red evening gown, earrings and red lara’s hat ( 1st outfit) & pink turban, one sleeve dress and earrings. These three ladies have all become The Lie by JPZ winter queens.Which one is your favourite;)?


The Final Countdown... December 18 2014, 11 Comments

It's that time of the year again. The New Year's Eve is approaching with the speed of light even though it still might seem so far away. And to be honest...we all know how the final hours before we head to the party of the year will look like. If you are like most woman, you will probably be nervously going through your (full closet) of dresses, just to find out the same thing as last year...that you have nothing to wear! But don't worry! Here at The Lie by JPZ, we've got your back! We suggest you pamper yourself with a dress that will make you stand out in the crowd and make you shine like a star of the night! 
So start your countdown now and launch yourself to the orbit of glamour and elegance and let the magic of the New Year begin with style! 

You can order your dress at the or shop our special picks below:

xoxoxo Mira

The Lie by JPZ Evening Gown For Miss World Final 2014 December 13 2014, 13 Comments

Tomorrow, on 14th of December, the world will get new most beautiful woman on our planet, Miss World 2014! The coronation night will happen in London Excel in London, UK, and Slovenia will be represented by a natural beauty Julija Bizjak, Miss Slovenia 2014, in gorgeous, one of a kind The Lie by JPZ red evening gown. For already the third year in a row, I had the honour to design unique evening gown for our contestant on Miss World final and this year, I draw an inspiration from festive season, since the final is held not in a warm exotic country during the summertime like in previous years, but in Europe, where together with low temperatures in December, comes also this joyful Christmas spirit, presents and beautifully decorated cities and capitals. And that is how a floor length mermaid silhouette dress with a low back and transparent red lace along the bust and waist line with a criss-cross back creating a beautiful x shape and large bow on the side, was born. The trumpet skirt is trimmed with lace and embellished with large bow on the side to emphasise Julija's figure, so she can really stand out from the crowd on her final performance for Miss World 2014. This eye-catcher is simple yet chic, thus perfect for every The Lie by JPZ high style lover.


Festive December Gift Guide #2 December 09 2014, 10 Comments

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Here at The Lie by JPZ we’ve prepared the ultimate gift guide for finding creative, luxurious and beautiful gift ideas for everyone on your list.
In our luxe holiday-season gift guide you can find the perfect presents for women and men, from beautiful bags to statement jewellery and accessories for your home by our The Lie by JPZ label.
For the fashion addict, there is no better gift, than our iconic Statement Bag Fashionista. Custom made and personalized with golden plated plaque on which we engrave just about anything you want, this present under the Christmas tree truly will be the best present for your fashion lover. For those, who love special pieces also in their apartment, go for this graphic computer mat, which will add a chic personal touch to your office, working or living room and surprise with it him or her. For the red carpet junkie, there is nothing better than our finest selection of beautiful evening gowns. Get her one, or surprise her with a custom made gown, designed especially for her. For the Accessories obsessed, choose from our wide range of statement belts. This eye-catching pieces can really add a statement to the simplest look and elevate your style to a completely different level. Or go for our beautiful Candy wallets, which can also be the cutest little clutch and surprise your loved one with 2 in 1 gift. Yes, diamond’s are a girl’s best friends and jewellery is the perfect partner for life, who will never let you down. If your lady thinks alike, then you can’t go wrong by surprising her with our best seller - statement Tassel necklace. Go even further and get her two or three in different colours, so she can pair them together the way she wants. And, if she/he loves fashion and just needs a little help in building up hers/his style, then buy her/him our gift card with fashion counseling by our head designer, Jerneja Podbevšek Zhembrovskyy - JPZ. 
Yes, this festive December we've selected 8 original gifts from luxury bags, jewellery, belts, evening wear to computer mats and fashion counseling, with which you’ll dazzle your loved ones. But there is much much more. Get a closer look at our online shop and find your perfect gift or contact us at for more information about your very own custom made Christmas gift...