My Personal Style: Black & White Forever January 01 2020, 0 Comments

If you ask about my favorite color combination, I definitely say black & white. Is there anything more stylish than a black and white outfit? No. While some might say you need color to be exciting (and oh yes, you know how I love color), the striking contrast between these two hues is sure to thrill. Both bold and understated, black and white outfits are extremely chic and take minimalism to the maximum. Sharp enough for the office; simple enough for casual wear; eye-catching enough for cocktail parties; timelessly elegant enough for black tie an red carpet events, black and white outfit can take you anywhere. All you need to do is accessorize your colorless look with right accessories. I opted for bold The Lie by JPZ bag & boots.


Photo by Tibor Golob


THE LIE BY JPZ cape, baker boy hat, leather gloves & bag
GUCCI sunnies
CHANEL brooch

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