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My Personal Style (& Toughts): Friday Night Fever/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun March 21 2020, 0 Comments


Drage moje! V teh časih samoizolacije, ko nekateri živijo v strahu zaradi zdravja ali ekonomskih posledic, ki jih bo pustil vurus COVID-19, je še toliko bolj pomembno, da stopimo skupaj. Da smo prijazni drug do drugega bolj kot kdajkoli prej. Strpni. Ljubeči. Za kaj točno gre, kako zelo hudo je in kakšna (če sploh) teorija zarote je zadaj, ne vem. Vem pa, da je po bitki lahko biti general, medtem ko jih med bitko zmore biti le bore malo. Kakorkoli, ostanite zdravi in pazite nase kolikor se le da. 
Sem med tistimi redkimi srečnicami, ki ima kar nekaj izjemnih prijateljev in prijateljic okoli sebe... 
Zelo rade se družimo, če nam le čas dopušča in tokratna samoizolacija terja svoj davek tudi tu - da se s svojimi dragimi dekleti ne morem družiti, smejati, jeziti, jokati in preprosto biti jaz - v živo.
In tako me je delo na računalniku odneslo v mapo, ustvarjeno junija 2019, kjer so fotografije večera, preden je moja draga prijateljica Yovi rekla usodni DA! 
Pre-wedding party je potekal v prelepi hrvaški Opatiji. Dostikrat rada rečem da "friends that dress together, stay together". Tako večer kot priložnost sta bila popolna za dolge obleke The Lie by JPZ obleke, dopolnjene s pasovi in torbicami.

Minuli petek sva z mojo drago Natašo Godler iz NatashaSPAce Mediesthetic naredili Insta Live, kjer je bilo govora o garderobni omari, ureditvi le-te, kombiniranju barv, osnovnih kosih... Posnetek bo v kratkem naložen tudi na IGTV, da si ga boste tiste, ki ste zamudile predvsem prijeten ženski večer, lahko ogledale...
In ko smo pri prijetnih ženskih večerih... Drage moje, tiste, ki me spremljate, dobro veste, da vas dostikrat pozivam, da ne iščite izgovorv o tem, kako nimate priložnosti, da bi si oblekle dolgo obleko, nadele nakit in naličile svoj obraz. In sedaj, bolj kot kdajkoli prej, apeliram na vas - ustvarite si priložnost - in to DOMA! To počnete zase, za nikogar drugega, zato apeliram na vas, da si naslednji petek oblečete svojo najljubšo obleko, naredite svoj “killer” make up, zmešate svoje najljubše razmerje gin-a in tonic-a in preprosto uživate v tem, da ste - ŽENSKA!



In the middle of this health scare, more than ever let’s not forget to be kind to one another.
I was worried a bit whether I am not being too extra in these harsh times... But then I figured - f*ck that, I am an artist! And creating stuff for you guys is what I am and what defines me. And since I am not able to execute my usual creative processes, I decided this past Friday to do something different. Creatives are here to make people feel a little less alone, to distract and entertain, so I did my first Insta live with another amazing woman, incredible skin expert, Nataša Godler from NatashaSPAce Mediesthetic. 
I am one of those few lucky women who has some really great friends around...
We love to hang out whenever time allows us, and so the time of self-isolation requires a tax here too - that I cannot hang out with my dear girls, be crazy, laugh, be angry, cry, and simply be me - in person, just sitting next to each other.
And so, working on my computer took me to a folder with beautiful photos, created in June 2019, the night before my dear friend Yovi said I DO.
The pre-wedding party was held in beautiful Croatian saside city called Opatija. I often say "friends that dress together, stay together". Both the evening and the occasion were perfect for The Lie by JPZ long dresses, completed with our statement belts and handbags.
As mentioned before,  Natasha and I did Insta Live this past Friday, where we talked about the wardrobe, how to arrange it, how to combine colors and what are those basic pieces, every woman should have in her closet. It was a perfect Friday night fever, where girls just simply had - FUN.
My dear fashionistas, those of you who follow me, know very well that I often urge you not to look for excuses about not having the opportunity to put on a long dress, wear jewelry and do your glam make up. So now, even more than ever, I appeal to you - create the opportunity - at HOME! You do this for yourself, for no one else, so I urge you to wear your favorite dress next Friday, do your killer make up, prepare your favorite cocktail and just enjoy being - A WOMAN! Stay healthy, stay dafe and stay at home!



THE LIE BY JPZ evening gown, belt & bucket bag


THE LIE BY JPZ long summer dress, belt & straw bag


THE LIE BY JPZ evening gown & saddle bag


My Personal Style: Do Not Disturb Mode Or A Statement Straw Hat August 05 2019, 0 Comments

You are actually saying a lot with what you wear to people around you. By wearing oversized sunglasses and hats you are giving (consciously or subconsciously) the message that you do not want to be disturbed. And I definitely don't like to be disturbed while vacationing, so thank god that straw hats - the bigger, the better -  are a summer! Designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke, straw hats have become also the ultimate decorative element of a summer uniform. Our The Lie by JPZ straw hats are custom made and here's an interesting fact: it takes approximately 5 hours to make the one I am wearing on these pictures. The bigger the brim, the more hours and people it takes to make one!


Photo by Maja Waiss


THE LIE BY JPZ 14K gold body chain, bucket bag & straw hat
FENDI sunnies
NEW YORKER bikini top
OYSHO bikini bottom

My Personal Style: Sunday Blues With Pop Of Color January 06 2019, 0 Comments

Last Sunday, before the NY's, me and my family visited a beautiful Croatian island Brač, that I hold very dear to my heart and it's one of my go to destinations in summer time. However, it was the first time I've seen it in the winter time and it's just something really special with islands in the winter time. Such peace and serenity, no people, no sound but the one of sea and wind along with tempting smell of pine trees. The look I chose was blue, cosy and the central piece was The Lie by JPZ blue wrap wool coat from our FW 18/19 collection and for the fun twist, I went for our yellow muff bag and sparkling Ugg boots. 



THE LIE BY JPZ coat, belt & muff bag
ZARA jeans
FENDI sunnies
TOP SHOP beanie
NEW YORKER sweater
UGG boots

My Personal Style: Last 2018 Look December 31 2018, 0 Comments

I've just spent the most beautiful last day of 2018 with my family in a pleasant Croatian city of Split and I am now getting ready for the NYE party! So, beside today's look, I just wanted to share with you a few words about my 2018.
Oh yes, what a year you were 2018... A year full of surprises, emotions, changes and new beginnings. What I really realized is that we have one life and we should make each day like it's our last. We have to live our passion fully and shouldn't expect anything in return. We should stop bothering with things that don't matter and give time to those that does. 
This year has been the most creative for me and I believe I really am lucky to be able to do what I love. A big thanks to everybody, who follows along, supports, believes and loves my brand, my design, my vision. You are the best!

Enjoy your evening & have a wonderful 2019, with lots of love & warmth! See you soon - next year!



THE LIE BY JPZ beanie, belt & belt bag
ZARA sweater
Vintage fur jacket
FENDI sunnies
ADIDAS training pants
GUCCI sneakers

My Personal Style: Pin Up Beach Look August 07 2016, 2 Comments

There is a special sort of fun hitting the beach in chic pin-up girl attire. Curious, how to create vintage retro look on the beach? Just follow the next few hottest tips and you are ready to rock the beach as the real pin-up Goddess - of course, with a slight urban twist...
ONE PIECE: A sleek and chic black one piece is an absolute summer staple. Then and now. 
BELT: Accentuate your statue and elevate your one piece with a statement belt. Yes, even, if you are on the beach...
POLKA DOTS: Polka dots were big in the 50's and stayed big ever since... Incorporate them in your pin-up beach look.
BANDANA: This small and cute little accessory in your hair will immediately create the desirable "wow" retro effect.
RED LIPS & NAILS: Whether you are lounging on the sand or sailing through the sea, red lipstick with matching nails is a must that makes the perfect cherry-on-top of your pin up sundae!
STRAW BAG: OK, let's admit - straw bags are big, especially this season and they are so incredibly chic and practical, you just have to incorporate ( at least ) one to your summer wardrobe. 



THE LIE BY JPZ belt, swimsuit, bandana & straw bag
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye motif golden bracelets
BEBE cuffs
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
JIMMY CHOO sandals

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My Personal Style: Black Shirt Dress On Prvić Island July 06 2016, 4 Comments

A summer staple, easy-to-wear easy-to-go + looking extremely chic: The shirt dress. From office to bar, keep it classic with  Shirt Dress - whether simple and sleek or fancy and feminine. And when talking about fancy and feminine aka long shirt dress - well, this is when you'll get the oh wow effect with plenty of compliments! There is something with summer and long dresses, a special love affair which only works in this time of period. And that is why you should embrace the opportunity and wear long dresses as much as you can. They make you feel extremely beautiful, sensual and glamorous and, despite the length, they are comfortable! Hiding everything you want to hide or showing what you want show. Especially perfect for this is a shirt dress. With opening or closing the buttons you will achieve the desirable effect. I love to wear mine more loose, with a statement bra and some cool body chain to really elevate the look and making it more special. 

With our sassy The Lie by JPZ  long shirt dress we'll definitely take you from an effortless day edge to making an entrance at the summer cocktail party...



THE LIE BY JPZ shirt dress, body chain, belt & straw bag
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye rose gold bracelet from the island od St. Maarten
JIMMY CHOO sandals

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My Personal Style: White Button Down, Jeans & Straw Bag To Never Fail In Summer June 23 2016, 2 Comments

You can never be overdressed or underdressed with a cool pair of jeans, beautiful white button down and a chic straw bag. I dare to claim that these are actually the essential pieces in summer months. Throw on flats and go cosy chic or elevate the look with a pair of beautiful heels and you are ready to rock beautiful summer evenings. 
This set of pictures was taken in marvelous Krka National Park, l
ocated along the middle-lower course of the Krka River in central Dalmatia, in Šibenik-Knin county. With its magnificent waterfalls, this beautiful sight, counted among Croatia's most famous, truly is a must see. 
With the outstanding nature, the scenery was just right for this casual combo for comfortable yet stylish sightseeing.



THE LIE BY JPZ blouse, belt, golden ring bracelet & straw bag
PRADA sunnies
ZARA jeans
H&M bra (with added straps)

My Personal Style: Chic On The Go - Sweat Pants With Pumps June 02 2016, 1 Comment

Ever since the JLo's I'm gonna be alright music video release in 2001, I am absolutely obsessed with pairing tracksuit bottoms and heels. Cozy, yet effortlessly chic and very very cool. And while your job may not allow you this kind of looks, travel getaways do! When you want to look extremely stylish while stepping off the plane after a long hour flight, just throw on some sweat pants, cool T-shirt, tailored blazer, statement bag and killing heels, and there's an urban fashionista making everybody go like "wow, how does she pull it off?"  This travel look also comes in hand when your trip is of a business nature and you are picked by your busses partners already at the airport. It enables you to travel comfortable in your sneakers and when arrived at destination, you transform and elevate your look with a pair of beautiful heels, making bold, contrasting and urban yet chic and unusually elegant appearance.



THE LIE BY JPZ jacket & bag
ZARA shirt
C&A sweat pants

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My Personal Style: When The Sun Goes Down August 29 2015, 4 Comments

Croatia… Beautiful islands… Old towns with beautiful little streets… Stone houses with blue windows… Relaxed, easy going vibe… Sun, sea, freedom…
What I love about the island’s style is that you can look super chic for an evening stroll or late night cocktails in your bikini and straw bag. You just add some nice light tunic over and accessorize with oversized sunnies, gold hoops and stacks of bangles on each arm, nice pair of heels and captain’s hat and you are ready to rock the island’s sunset in style.



THE LIE BY JPZ straw bag
Hat found on the local market
EVIL EYE, golden vintage bracelets & necklaces
H&M bracelets & knuckle ring
Super old sandals from a local Italian boutique