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#tbt To The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 14/15 Collection Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation August 18 2015, 6 Comments

With The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 15/16 collection ALMOST OUT, here's a throw back Thursday to our FALL WINTER 14/15 collection, Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation. This monochromatic collection was inspired by an iconic fairytale of Snow White, with a touch of new, urban and modern but still with a strong smell of the 40's and 50's. The collection was a tribute to fairytales, which can be so beautifully transferred to cold, snowy streets of real life. And let me tell you something, if this one was monochromatic, all white collection, the next one is going to burst with strong, vivid colours! Stay tuned, cause The Lie by JPZ ladies will be popping out of the crowd this coming season! But then again, they always do...


Beautiful Bride With The Lie by JPZ February 22 2015, 3 Comments

If you are not a classic bride and you are having a hard time finding your perfect, elegant, chic, yet elegant and modern wedding dress, then look to our beautiful white gowns from FALL WINTER 2014/2015 collection. We represent to you four different and unique styles, appropriate for all of  you, who are getting married in the nearby future, when the weather is still a bit cold. Here at The Lie by JPZ we love the trumpet silhouette. It shows off a woman's curves while the voluminous skirt moves beautifully as you walks down the aisle and dance the night away. Be unique and add some winter accessories - lara's hat instead of tiara or veil, fur collar or short jacket instead of classic bolero and leather gloves instead of the silk ones and do not be afraid to use even statement belt and clutch. This way, using non traditional accessories, you will create unique and chic wedding style and you will not be worried about how cold the weather is gonna be. The colder, the better - you are gonna look like a snow queen from Russian winter fairytale. 

For your perfect wedding look, do not hesitate to contact us at, and together, we will create unique style you absolutely deserve.


Rock This Winter With Iconic Hand Muffs November 11 2014, 8 Comments

When creating a new collection and precise vision of The Lie by JPZ woman for the season, I love taking inspiration from the past to create the present, and the future. This time was no different. I draw inspiration from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and beside other characteristics, lines and accessories in the collection, that reflect the era, very important part of The Lie by JPZ FW 14/15 collection are also hand muffs. So yes, hand muff should be on top of every girl’s winter wish list.
You might think hand muffs faded out in the early 1900’s, and they probably did, but they are definitely back here at The Lie by JPZ in all of their glory and we absolutely love them! Incorporate them as essential piece of your winter wardrobe and play with them, creating classic and romantic retro inspired outfits. Embrace them, like some fashion a-listers already did and team your hand muff in favourite colour in with a sleek a-line coat, favourite over the knee boots and lara’s hat. And metropolitan winter fashionista is born!

Email us at and order your very own custom made hand muff.


The Lie by JPZ Lara's Hat Is A Winter Must November 02 2014, 3 Comments

Whether real or faux, fur is undoubtedly experiencing a renaissance, with accessories being a must this season. The traditional lara’s hat has been my favourite winter accessory ever since I’ve seen dr. Zhivago movie from 1965. The costumes have been inspiring the “Zhivago Look” ever since the film’s release, motivating designers to use fur trimmed collar and cuffs on their winter coats again. And I absolutely fell in love with fur hats, which are part of The Lie by JPZ winter collection already for three seasons and have definitely become designer’s classics. Lovely, romantic and cosy iconic The Lie by JPZ hat express an upper class elegance and most attracting about wearing lara’s hat is that it frames your face beautifully and enhances your eyes. The Lie by JPZ lara’s hats in various colours are definitely must-have pieces of your beautiful and romantic winter wardrobe.

Email us at and order your very own custom made lara's hat.


FALL WINTER 2014/2015 COLLECTION Ad Campaign Movie - Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation October 27 2014, 2 Comments

Discover mysterious, beautiful, tempting, seductive, snow white collection with Snow White
and an apple. 
Step into the world of The Lie by Jerneja Podbevšek Zhembrovskyy FW 14/15
Winter Fairytale and bite the temptation...

FALL WINTER 2014/2015 COLLECTION - Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation, Ad Campaign Teaser October 10 2014, 5 Comments


She. In all white. And an apple... Bite the temptation and go on a fashion journey with us...
The Lie by JPZ winter fairytale starts now...

The Final Touch October 01 2014, 3 Comments


I love how fashion lets you play with textures, colors, fabrics and style. There are no more rules except for one...that break the rules! Sneakers are worn with leather skirts, sweatshirts are worn to offices and even sweatpants are worn with high heels. And after all that, if you open your closet and still feel like you have nothing to wear, you can just borrow a pair of jeans and a shirt from your boyfriend and look fabulous and fashionable. But regardless of clothing, the secret to that finishing touch to your outfit lies in accessories. You can go anywhere from big and chunky to small and subtle and twist your style in an blink of an eye. So let your imagination run wild and play with belts, like our Classic Black Chainy Waist Belt, necklaces, like our chunky Trio Golden Candy Tassel Necklace Fuchsia and interesting bags, such as our Designer's Masterpiece Bronze Olive, to explore the unlimited options that fashion has to offer...

Fall Winter 2014/2015 Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation September 26 2014, 0 Comments

Discover gorgeous THE LIE BY JPZ FW 2014/2015 collection. This season go for all white luxury and get inspired by the 50's fashion icons as I was while creating an image of The Lie by JPZ woman for the season. Evening gowns, daywear, jewellery, bags, belts, lara's hats, hand muffs and so much more.
Mysterious... Beautiful... Tempting... Seductive... Snow white... 
Step into the The Lie by Jerneja Podbevšek Zhembrovskyy FW 14/15 Winter Fairytale.

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