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My Personal Style: Check And Leopard - Fall Pattern Mixing & Matching vol. 3 November 11 2015, 4 Comments

Pattern mixing & matching style guide continues... Have you ever wonder how to wear different prints at once, without looking like you got dressed in the dark? When in doubt, this one always works:

1. Use printed accessories for a lighter touch.

Dominating red check print can be beautifully accented with brown leopard accessory. A pair of leopard shoes or a fabulous tote will always do the trick. In fall I absolutely love to match leopard with check pattern and playfully accenting the outfit with beautiful fur pieces, such as our iconic The Lie by JPZ green vest or/and statement jewellery, such as our tassel necklaces. For a truly dazzling appearance, layer two or even three of them and go sophisticated with Basic Minimalistic Shopper in elegant croc print.



THE LIE BY JPZ fur vest, belt, tassel necklaces & bag
H&M pants
NEW YORKER scarf and plaid shirt
MANGO coat

EVIL EYE, GUCCI and golden vintage bracelets

RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch

STEVE MADDEN ankle boots
RAY BAN sunnies

Shop Chunky Love - Golden Candy Tassel Necklace Black

Meet The Lie by JPZ Stylemaker: MUA Luka Luka Crazy About Body Jewellery August 20 2015, 5 Comments

Who thinks that body jewellery is just for ladies? Meet our The Lie by JPZ stylemaker, make up artist Luka Luka, who wears his favourite The Lie by JPZ body chain with chic black and white shirt. Yes, here at The Lie by JPZ we love creativity and what we love even more is to get inspired by you guys! Luka Luka surely nailed it this time and elevated this statement accessory to a whole different level...


Meet The Lie by JPZ Stylemaker: Singer Rebeka Dremelj Crazy About Body Jewellery August 17 2015, 3 Comments

There is no bigger thrill for a designer, than seeing his/hers design on people, living on the streets, being likeable, admirable, worn. Yes, I guess every designer loves the clients and absolutely adores those, with a strong personal style, who can be called style makers of a brand. Here at The Lie by JPZ we are dedicating this August to body jewellery and we represent to you our style maker, Slovenian singer Rebeka Dremelj, who absolutely loves it and she loves it the most with her bikini or one piece. Accentuating certain parts, body jewellery truly is a must of your beach attire. This August, let yourself be seduced by our statement body chains which won't let you go unnoticed, become The Lie by JPZ Stylemaker and get your favourite body piece here.


Leather Cuffs Are A Fashionista's Must April 29 2015, 5 Comments

Leather is always dramatic when worn as a fashion accessory, whether on its own or paired with other leather pieces. One reason you should definitely try adding a pop of leather into your look is the sophistication that can be achieved only by real leather. This time, the ode goes to leather cuffs!
Our statement leather cuff bracelets from Chunky Love jewellery Collection are carefully crafted with timeless styles and are certainly that special little piece that will separate your look apart from the crowd. For casual days, the right mix of leather jewellery can instantly turn your ordinary jeans and shirt combo into a more interesting, edgy, yet chic style. They go well with other leather pieces of your look like leather bags, belts or boots, but be careful not to wear them with major leather pieces such as leather pants, jackets or coats.
Leather cuff bracelets are chic, versatile choices that can take your look up to a notch. You can even pair them with our classic gold or silver link bracelets, such as Chainy Chic 4 Chick - CC4C Silver Logo Coin Bracelet for more textured, sophisticated look.
This season, leather cuffs are a fashionista's must!


Shop Chunky Love - Silver Studded Leather Cuff Black

Shop Chunky Love - Leather Cuff Golden Star

Shop Chunky Love - Leather Cuff Forever Diamonds

Shop Chunky Love - Leather Cuff Bright Orange

Shop Chunky Love - Leather Cuff Chocolate Brown Croco

Shop Chunky Love  - Leather Cuff Barbie Pink

Accessorize your outfit February 07 2015, 3 Comments

Do you feel like your wardrobe is getting boring? You do not need to buy a ton of new clothes to update your closet. All you have to do is invest in a few new accessories that will make you feel fabulous and give a touch of new to your outfit and turn it from boring to stunning in seconds. Even if you are wearing only jeans and white shirt you can turn your basic outfit into an amazing style with simple styling tricks. Long necklaces, layered bracelets and belts cinched over just about anything are a must! Just don't forget not to wear too many accessories at once and go for one amazing statement piece that will complement your personality and upgrade your look! So go ahead and have some fun...styling is like a never ending fairy tale where you can write your own story!

xoxoxo Mira

Chunky Love Jewellery Collection October 18 2014, 5 Comments

Jewellery has long been regarded as a form of personal adornment, but today, jewellery has also become an instrument for making a true statement to your outfit. Personally, I love all kind of jewellery pieces - from tiny to chunky, from bold to sophisticated, depending on outfit and occasion. Updating your jewellery can be the fastest and least expensive way to give your closet a much-needed boost of newness. Fall is here, winter is coming and after summer season of delicate pretty gold things, layers of thin rings and skinny cuffs, it is officially time to match your jackets and voluminous wool sweaters with larger-than-life statement pieces from our Chunky Love jewellery collection.
Choose from a wide range of tassel necklaces in beautiful colour shades, wide leather bracelets, multi chain necklaces, chokers and body chains, which work great on day and night outfits and even in your bedroom...
Chunky Love is definitely a collection full of statement pieces, created and carefully made for style icons.

So... Be beautiful… Be sexy… Be provocative… Be f*ucking amazing… Wear Chunky Love.