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My Prsonal Style: Purples & Reds April 28 2018, 0 Comments

Let's face it, ladies - black is a go-to color for almost everyone and most of people stick with their classic black and white pieces on a rack while completely ignoring gorgeous colors like fuchsia, indigo blue, red, purple...
But why, why are bright, fun colors so often overlooked? Most of people are secretly terrified of styling them the wrong way or think that colors just simply don't look well on them. Every woman has her own set of color matching rules, that's normal, but most of the rules are restrictive, unfortunately involving more "don't"s than "do"s. And that's such a shameeee!!! Cause in reality, you can wear more colors together than you think. And lets face two important facts:
1. color blocking is oh so IN!
2. You can now fearlessly rock neon yellow red heels without Grandma's belt-shoe-bag rule ringing in your ear, which is sooooo OUT!
Now, these last sunny days made me wear our new Spring/Summer 2018 collection (including purple blazer dress and python shopper bag with red handles) and regarding the two rules mentioned above - well, I guess the pictures will speak for itself. Right?


Photo by: Maja Waiss


THE LIE BY JPZ dress, bracelet & shopper bag
CHANEL brooch
MIU MIU sunnies
CASADEI over the knee boots