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My Personal Style: Red Jumpsuit For Saturday Night Out June 11 2016, 1 Comment

Red is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Having said that, it is the perfect color for Saturday night out and what better way than doing it effortless cool in our luxurious all-in-one.

Yes, jumpsuits are effortless, chic and fun. But there are some good tips and tricks you should follow :

  1. Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is key to looking polished and put together. Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose.
  2. Don’t loose your figure. A lot of jumpsuits have either a cloth belt or you can easily add your own belt to define your waist if the jumpsuit isn’t tailored. Emphasising your waist is a great way to give you that curvy look.
  3. A jumpsuit can easily be dressed up for a formal event, when the style of the jumpsuit is appropriate. All you have to do is accessorize it to fit the party.

So, this Saturday, add some attitude to your wardrobe, make a statement at the party and go for our sexy red jumpsuit, spiced up with green tassel pochette!



THE LIE BY JPZ jacket & bag
CELINE sunnies
JIMMY CHOO sandals

Shop Tassel Pochette Green Lizard & Sexy Red Zebra

My Personal Style: Lady In Red For A Sunday Lunch February 21 2016, 4 Comments

Sometimes, I love to create drama on the street with my looks and I enjoy when people stare! Today, I am in just the right mood to put on some bold monochromatic look with a pop of print and have an extremely chic Sunday lunch with my love and friends.
Monochromatic dressing is a sleek and sophisticated way to get a polished look. This type of dressing is super easy, simply pick one color or mix several complimentary shades of one color together, which is what I’m doing today. Soft neutrals always look very chic, but bright, bold colors, such as red, bring the entire look to another level.  Dressing in one color is also a great way to highlight a particular piece, such as our beautiful leopard cross body bag, which now really pops out among other statement pieces - luxurious red fur collar and gorgeous hat. Agree?



THE LIE BY JPZ jacket, skirt, turtleneck, fur collar, hat, gloves & cross body bag
LE SILLA boots

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Valentine's Day 2016 Gift Guide: Pssssssst, Tell To Your Boyfriend February 10 2016, 2 Comments

It's almost here - the most "in love" day of the year! You know, you just have to wear something red for Valentine's Day, right? Pssssst, tell to your boyfriend and have a perfect Valentine's with The Lie by JPZ chicest reds!
Add a splash of bright colour to your evening outfit with our Evening Envelope Bloody Mary and be prepared for this eye-catching clutch to transform your evening look in an instant.
You can wear our neat Small Shoulder & Cross Body Clutch Strawberry Red across the body or on the shoulder with a long gold chain strap. The adjustable chunky chain inspired hardware will add an urban attitude to your elegant look.
Crafted from soft glossy leather, our Bloody Mary Candy Wallet with golden designer plaque is a stylish and sophisticated essential. With multiple compartments and slots to keep your credit cards safe it is spacious enough to keep you organized during a busy day and in the evening, you can use it as cutest little clutch.
Our Sexy Red Biker Gloves from finest lamb leather are a sublime addition to your Valentine's wardrobe. Style with a wool coat, cashmere scarf and a statement bag for a luxe finish.
Luxurious fox Fur Pom Pom Chilli Red bag charm in bold red hue with golden metal buckle will add a special touch to any bag. So, step out of the crowd and add that pop of colour to your statement bag with this super cute and oversized chic accessory.
Fashion Tote Bloody Mary tote is the perfect choice for your city or getaway look. Elegant and stylish design combined with powerful red color will bring energy to your outfit while detachable chain with leather tassel lets you alternate your look.
With eye-catching red leather and playful gems, our cute Sexy Red Treasure Pochette demand to be the focal point of your look. Add a hint of attitude to your evening outfit and shine the night away.
Add polish to your look with our beautiful Sexy Red and Bloody Mary Babydoll Skinny Belt . Made from the finest soft leather with adjustable buckle fastening is long enough to wrap it around your waist or hips with your favorite pair of pants. Sparkling buckle is just the kind of detail for oh so wanted wow factor.
Beautiful red patent leather tassel on fine golden plated chain will elevate any look, whether you'll wear it with casual or elegant outfit.
Large timeless Classic Tote Bloody Mary in bold red patent leather is the absolute must-have. It is an elegant way to carry your daily essentials and the ultimate investment in the feminine sophistication. With it, you surely won't be left unnoticed.
This Valentine's, go for our beautiful Sexy Fringed Drama Shoulder & Cross Body Bag Sexy Red Golden Combo and fall in love with the movement drama, created by long leather fringes. With detachable chain, it can be worn in hand, on a shoulder and across the body. Fringes, bold bloody red colour and eye-catching golden hardware are those statement details that will make everybody go WOW this Valentine's!

Lots of love, XOXOXO


My Personal Style: Warm Weather Getaway - Las Vegas February 04 2016, 6 Comments

The cold weather has us seriously craving summer sunshine and warm weather getaways. There are different warm weather escapes - tropical, more relaxed ones, with retro, boho chic inspired looks and those in the cities and luxurious resorts, where you just can't resist throwing on some sexy but sophisticated looks. Let’s be honest, my dear fashionistas, the sun is what draws you to the destination, but the resort wear is what really makes it feel extra special, right? For me, my beloved Las Vegas is always a good idea and it's a kind of destination, where you can really go for overdressed looks 24:7, with no hard feelings, even when sipping cocktails by gorgeous Venetian pool. So elevating a simple black bikini with The Lie by JPZ silk tunic, silver belt and bag and some statement old Hollywood inspired chunky jewellery from all over the world (as many of you already know, I absolutely love jewellery, it's the key piece of my personal style, I am collecting it and I wear it all the time, even in my sleep. It's the way you stack your bangles and rings together, the way you layer your necklaces and the way you mix and match different styles of jewellery, that gives that something extra to you, your gestures and your overall appearance) was just the right recipe for styling an iconic, chic pool look.



THE LIE BY JPZ silk tunic, turban, belt & bag
Silver rings with cubic zirconia
Silver heart and Fatima palm bracelet
Silver panther cuff with cubic zirconia from Thailand
Silver linked bracelet from Amsterdam
Silver and white enamel glass panther bracelet from Rome
Silver drop earrings with cubic zirconia from Las Vegas
ESCADA sunglasses
JIMMY CHOO sandals

My Personal Style: Glamorous In Red With A Touch Of Silver December 31 2015, 3 Comments

What are holidays for? Ever since I’m a little girl, holidays always meant for me hosting friends and family, eating good food (a looot of sweets), decorating apartment and dressing up in festive and glamorous outfits. Today is no different... I still love and do all that, except that when it comes down to dressing up, well, I do it in an even more glamorous way. To be honest, Christmas dinners and NYEs, when celebrated indoor, are the perfect occasion for every woman to wear long evening gown with some sparkling jewellery. It's the time, when no one can be overdressed, it's the time, when you can really go for a Hollywood glamour, have no bad feeling about it and - really enjoy it! I certainly always do.

Throughout the years as a designer, I came to realize that every woman, no matter the body figure, age or personal style, knows how to wear an evening gown. Yes ladies, we have this in our DNA! And if you haven't tried it yet, do it, because it feels absolutely amazing.

One of my favourites for NYE is definitely long red gown (for a lot of luck in the coming year) and silver accessories for an extremely glamorous touch!

Have a great NYE celebration, my dear fashionistas, XOXOXO JPZ


THE LIE BY JPZ gown & clutch
Silver & white gold diamond rings, earrings and bracelets
JIMMY CHOO sandals

My Personal Style: Checking In From St. Maarten November 16 2015, 4 Comments

Even though I love winter and layering looks that come with it, winter weather is no match for these sunny relaxing escapes. A super busy month is behind me, sleeping only four hours per night and even this was too much for all the work that had to be done, and so it was time for some rest. Time to come back again to my beloved destination and get some rest on gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Maarten! And when it gets down to warm-weather getaways, there comes the time for long flowy dresses, straw bags, statement jewellery pieces in bold vivid colours and turbans!! It's funny you see, that in the summer vacations, I always go for more relaxing looks, probably, because I am already tired of fever. But when I change cold weather for warm in the winter, well then this tropical heat gives me the energy to dress up in beautiful long gowns for the late afternoon and evening city strolls. Maybe also because I know I won't be able to wear them for another 6 months. I think that for this particular look I've got inspired by the jungle and all the beautiful tropical vegetation. Haha, I guess you agree, right?



THE LIE BY JPZ dress, leather cuffs, turban, tassel necklaces & python clutch

JIMMY CHOO sandals
RAY BAN sunnies

My Personal Style: Grab Bag On A Bag Trend September 23 2015, 10 Comments

After a while it's time for some serious fall trends. The two purse trend is official for quite some time now and of course I love it, especially when travelling. But the one I love even more, is our Bag On A Bag Trend! I love creativity and I adore attaching a smaller, eye-catching purse to a bigger, more sophisticated shopper. The second trend you absolutely have to embrace this fall, is our The Lie by JPZ fur trimmed jacket from our fall winter 2015/2016 collection. This piece is every fashionista's dream, since the furry part is detachable with beautiful golden zip, so it can be worn as a short jacket, longer jacket with fur or you can just simply wear fur alone around your neck. 
This is my typical fall outfit, and I matched The Lie by JPZ jacket, skirt and both bags with Elisabetta Franchi wool top, LeSilla over the knee boots and La Perla by Jean Paul Gaultier bra - you know, when your bra is just simply to good to hide...



THE LIE BY JPZ jacket, skirt, clutch & shopper
EVIL EYE bracelets
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
LE SILLA over the knee boots

Shop NEW ARRIVAL - Basic Minimalistic Shopper Matte Black Croc Stud Party

Shop NEW ARRIVAL - Sexy Red Zebra Clutch

My Personal Style: Bachin' With Some Retro August 27 2015, 5 Comments

Love to wear some retro inspired outfits for the sea side strolls. An urban Beach Blanket Bingo (which is an American International Pictures beach party film, released in 1965, directed by William Asher) was my inspiration this time so a high-waisted, 60’s-inspired silhouette was a must, created by these cool jeans shorts. I paired them with colourful bikini bralet, lots of jewellery and aviators. And the key essentials to complement the look were of course The Lie by JPZ turban and this super cute clutch from patent python effect leather.
Even on the beach - be creative!



THE LIE BY JPZ turban & clutch
NEW YORKER swimsuit
REPLAY shorts
ALDO ring and bracelet
H&M bracelets
RAY BAN sunnies
Super old sandals from a local Italian boutique

Shop Small Clutch Blue Python

My Personal Style: Accessorized On the Beach August 23 2015, 9 Comments

Who doesn’t like to frolic in the sun in their bikini or one piece? And which fashionista doesn’t like to spice it up a bit (or a lot) with some beautiful statements? There is certainly a wide range of accessories, that I love to use on the bech – bags, belts, sunnies and jewellery.
Ladies, which go for a conservative look, a delicate silver or golden pendant necklace will both add a little extra something to your look. But, if you want to get more glam, be daring and load up on chunky jewels like our The Lie by JPZ silver body chain and leather cuffs in metallic silver hue.
Do not be afraid to use belts on the beach – I love to wear them with my sarongs, to emphasize my waist, but sometimes, I love to pair most special ones also with one piece swimsuit, especially for a late afternoon and night of cocktails under the moonlight. Though heels are not very practical for the beach, do change your favourite daytime flats for a stunning pair of sandals for a cocktail party on the beach and seriously kick up the glam factor!



THE LIE BY JPZ swimsuit, belt, body chain, leather cuffs & clutch

BVLGARI & other white gold and silver rings from all over the world
ESCADA sunnies
JIMMY CHOO sandals

Shop Designer's Masterpiece Silver Studded Matte Black Waist Belt

Shop Small Clutch Champagne Silver With Silver Chain

Shop Chunky Love - Leather Cuff Forever Diamonds Black

My Personal Style: Black & White 24:7 August 01 2015, 2 Comments

Sleek and sophisticated monochrome is always a big trend. I guess black and white just make the perfect partnership. Whether it's prints, stripes or colour blocking, working the monochrome look is so easy, there's none of the worry of wearing colours that don't compliment each other. The simplicity of monochrome, which I absolutely adore, makes it a timeless classic (Coco Chanel knew that very well), and that is why it's set to dominate my wardrobe. And beside the clothes, every fashionista's must is a statement black and white bag. Whether you'll add some graphic to your evening look with our Evening Envelope Black & White or elevate your winter look with our furry Trapezoid Winter Black & White Clutch, in any case, these bags will make your outfit look drop dead gorgeous!
If you're wondering how to wear this timeless trend, here is my personal style guide which shows you how to wear these chic shades 24:7.



My Personal Style: Sunday Chic By The Pool June 28 2015, 7 Comments

Deciding what to wear to any party can be tough, but pool parties are particularly tricky. You want to look extremely good, but you also want to be comfortable and take into account the fact you’ll be in and out of the water and that it is probably gonna be very hot. Well, the key is in accessorizing. Beside a nice swimsuit - my top pick is definitely a black one piece swim suit with an interesting cut outs, you will make your pool party look glamorous with nice jewellery and a statement clutch. Who says, that clutches are not for the beach or pool? They definitely are and they are the ones that will make your pool outfit look absolutely stunning! For a truly dazzling appearance, go for a black clutch with golden or silver hardware. Here are some of our The Lie by JPZ top picks...



THE LIE BY JPZ  black croc clutch
Swimsuit from local boutique
Jewellery from all over

Shop our The Lie by JPZ top picks to complement your glamorous pool look HERE

Designer's Pick & Must: Designer's Masterpiece June 25 2015, 14 Comments

One of most recognizable bags and second The Lie by JPZ best seller is our Designer's Masterpiece statement clutch. Urban fashionistas love it for it's big size, eye-catching leather colour combinations and attractive hardware. It is a kind of bag that transforms your ensemble from zero to ten in an instant. Designer's Masterpiece shows individuality and style and it's your perfect evening companion - it's elongated shape makes a seriously chic combination that promises to make your evening event sophisticated and stylish. Clean lines make this clutch absolutely stunning in its simplicity what puts it at the top of our wish list.
So, my dear fashionistas, discover and shop some of the gorgeous Designer's Masterpiece clutches...


Leopard Print To Go Wild For May 20 2015, 20 Comments

Ahhhhh, summer... And all those beautiful associations with wild life, animal prints, jungle, gorgeous flowers, colours... Yes, every fashionista should bring a little bit of jungle to her look, especially in the summer time, and most effective way to do it is with a statement leopard bag. Go a bit further, for a truly dazzling appearance, and chose the one with a pop of colour!
So, my dear ladies, what's your favourite The Lie by JPZ summer leopard beauty?


Beautiful Bride With The Lie by JPZ February 22 2015, 3 Comments

If you are not a classic bride and you are having a hard time finding your perfect, elegant, chic, yet elegant and modern wedding dress, then look to our beautiful white gowns from FALL WINTER 2014/2015 collection. We represent to you four different and unique styles, appropriate for all of  you, who are getting married in the nearby future, when the weather is still a bit cold. Here at The Lie by JPZ we love the trumpet silhouette. It shows off a woman's curves while the voluminous skirt moves beautifully as you walks down the aisle and dance the night away. Be unique and add some winter accessories - lara's hat instead of tiara or veil, fur collar or short jacket instead of classic bolero and leather gloves instead of the silk ones and do not be afraid to use even statement belt and clutch. This way, using non traditional accessories, you will create unique and chic wedding style and you will not be worried about how cold the weather is gonna be. The colder, the better - you are gonna look like a snow queen from Russian winter fairytale. 

For your perfect wedding look, do not hesitate to contact us at, and together, we will create unique style you absolutely deserve.


A Reminder For Our Better Halves... January 14 2015, 7 Comments

This blog post is dedicated to men. You, my dear men, have exactly one month to Valentine's Day. And because we know, that you usually end up buying flowers and taking us to dinner, we suggest you try something different this year ;) I know you wish to give that special girl in your life something really unique...and we have the solution for you! An engraved inscription will ensure you a special, unique and timeless gift. 

Don't forget to send us email to with your wishes, and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect inscription for your better half. 

xoxoxo Mira

My Personal Style: Summer Beach Style = Accessories August 28 2014, 4 Comments

I like to be a bit of an outsider and stay home, working really hard, when everybody leaves on holiday and I love to relax when everybody is stressing out. That is why my main summer vacation always comes at the end of August.

The holiday vibe is amazing. Going out each night until 2am or fall asleep without any bad feeling at already 9pm, beautiful tanned skin and salt on your body - this is the luxury that comes together with my summer holiday. For me nothing’s more enjoyable during hot summer days than feeling absolutely free and lost. Early escapes to the beach, late night dinners and cocktails without any timeline, endless naps and talks with family and friends. Phone on a silent mode is another thing I love about holiday. And, while being so relaxed, I just love to get out all those accessories, swimsuits, jeans shorts, turbans, big or small hats, clutches and straw bags and creating my summer beach style. What I love about it is the fact, that my outfits can work glamorous on the beach, but also in the city during the day and some of them even on a late night dinners, when switching flip-flops to high heel sandals.

My summer beach style differs on locations. So in Dalmatia, while on the boat, discovering beautiful islands, I love the outfits with a little boho vibe, very casual and beach ready but at the same time with a needed touch of edginess and chic. When in Miami, Rimini, Cannes or Monte Carlo, I love to go for more glamorous and elegant beach style. Talking about jewellery on the go, chunky pieces as well as most tiny and elegant ones, and of course, also body jewellery, are definetly a must. Without it, I really feel naked.

Also, I love to wear belts with chic pareos, kimonos, waisted playsiuts, kaftans or tunics. Chic belt can really elevate the entire look and with it you can nicely accentuate your stature. When packing, I never forget about straw bags, which are just perfect for the beach, travel or city. And, when I do not need to take a lot of stuff with me, I always go for clutches. It would be an absolute crime to wear them only in the evenings since they look extremely chic even on the beach. Playing with different hats and sunglasses (my absolute favorites are cat-eye and aviators) is also something I never miss when creating my beach outfit. And combining bikini tops and bottoms from different sets is something that I find really amusing.Oh and nothing, really nothing is more fun on the seaside, than wearing marine and sailors inspired clothes – I just love it!

So, my dear fashionistas, be creative also with your summer beach outfits, dare to be different, dare to create your personal statement style and become fashion icon – even on the beach!