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Discover The Lie by JPZ CiTy cHiC SPRING/SUMMER 2016 Collection April 18 2016, 2 Comments

Enter the world of sensual whites, luxurious feathers and sparkles, bold chains, seductive chokers, outstanding evening gowns, playful fringes, sophisticated clutches, stylish sleek totes and sexy metallics... The world of beautiful blondes... Outstanding brunettes... Fatal Ice Queens... The Lie by JPZ CiTy cHiC SPRING/SUMMER 2016 Collection.


The Lie by JPZ Cruise 2017 Collection - Señorita April 09 2016, 0 Comments

Sandwiched between winter and spring, and so called after customers who holiday during the colder winter months, The Lie by JPZ 2017 cruise collection, called Señorita, will soon be launched and available for pre-orders. Here at the Lie by JPZ we are extremely proud, especially since we are the first brand in the history of Slovenia, launching this inter-season line of ready-to-wear clothing, meant for our dear clients going on cruises or vacationing in the warm weather during the winter time. 
Yes, here we are, proud, going bigger and stronger from year to year, offering you bigger, better, wider range of luxurious products.
The Lie by JPZ Cruise woman wears ruffles, lace, patterns, baskets and fringed bags, understands dressing for the season and is well travelled.

So... Stay tuned!


#tbt To The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 14/15 Collection Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation August 18 2015, 6 Comments

With The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 15/16 collection ALMOST OUT, here's a throw back Thursday to our FALL WINTER 14/15 collection, Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation. This monochromatic collection was inspired by an iconic fairytale of Snow White, with a touch of new, urban and modern but still with a strong smell of the 40's and 50's. The collection was a tribute to fairytales, which can be so beautifully transferred to cold, snowy streets of real life. And let me tell you something, if this one was monochromatic, all white collection, the next one is going to burst with strong, vivid colours! Stay tuned, cause The Lie by JPZ ladies will be popping out of the crowd this coming season! But then again, they always do...


Red Is Hot July 31 2015, 4 Comments

Oh yes, red is definitely hot. I guess it is hard to go wrong with all red look, when styled well. Red is the original power colour, and wearing it is a sign of confidence. It is the color of energy, passion and action. Warm and positive, often associated with allure and sex appeal. Whether it is a LRD, jumpsuit, fringed skirt, ribboned chiffon blouse or evening gown, total red look is an August must have trend here at The Lie by JPZ. What's your favourite look?


#tbt To Girl's Best Friends Or You Never Forget Your First One June 11 2015, 6 Comments

You know what they say - you never forget your first love. True. Maybe because your first love is the one that sticks with you because it's the only person who receives all of you. After that, you learn better. Bags are my true love, the love of my life and yes, I will never forget my first collection, called Girl's Best Friends from 2011. 
Some say that diamonds are a girl's best friend... Are they? Cause there is no better friend than a gorgeous handbag. In it, you carry everything you need, all your essentials, all those lucky charms, everything, you need to get you through the day. Bag is never just a bag. It's my better half, an admirable piece of art. For sure. This Thursday is dedicated to my first love - my first bag collection, which was done with so much passion and excitement... So many sleepless nights, researches, material and hardware hunts... When I turn back, it was all so worth it. And there is no better feeling than seeing a true fashionista with The Lie by JPZ bag in her hand. 
I do believe that if fashion is the art and designers are the gods, then handbags are desserts with whipped cream, chocolate crumbs and maraschino cherry on the top!


#fbf To The Lie by JPZ SS 2015 ReTrO cHiC Collection April 03 2015, 5 Comments

With The Lie by JPZ SS 2015 collection ALMOST OUT, here's a flash back Friday to our SS 2014, ReTrO cHiC. This colourful timeless collection, inspired by the 60's and 70's, combined with a chic touch of a modern edge, was created for retro divas. The collection was designed to be worn from day to night with ease, emphasizing one's elegance, femininity and most of all, discreet, but strong sex appeal - all those attributes, that The Lie by JPZ woman owns... And coming SS 2015 collection will be no different...


FALL WINTER 2014/2015 COLLECTION Ad Campaign Movie - Snow White's Awakening: Bite The Temptation October 27 2014, 2 Comments

Discover mysterious, beautiful, tempting, seductive, snow white collection with Snow White
and an apple. 
Step into the world of The Lie by Jerneja Podbevšek Zhembrovskyy FW 14/15
Winter Fairytale and bite the temptation...