My Personal Style: Icy Grey Pleated Midi Skirt Is Everything December 30 2019, 0 Comments

You know, there are som pieces, that go with everything in any season. When combination of material, color, length and design is just right, you've got yourself an amazing fashion find. A well-chosen pleated skirt is a timeless choice and you'll be spoiled with our gorgeous metallic pleated skirt from FW collection. It literally goes with everything - from heels to sneakers, knitted sweaters to tailord blazers. You can wear a casual top to dress the skirt down, like a t-shirt, tank top turtleneck and sweater, or you can wear a formal top if you're going to work, like a button-up or a pussy bow blouse.There's only one rule you have to follow: to wear a pleated skirt like a pro, always tuck your top into it, which will highlight your waist. 


Photo by Tibor Golob


THE LIE BY JPZ pleated skirt, coat, baker boy hat, gloves, belt, belt bag & shopper bag
GUCCI sunnies
LE SILLA over the knee boots