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My Personal style: Parka Weather With Pattern Drama March 05 2016, 1 Comment

Dressing up should be fun and you should enjoy in it. And when you mix and match or try to invent new ways of wearing certain pieces - this is when it becomes really fun. 
As many of you, who follow our brand, my work and personal style, may already know, I love mixing different patterns, textures and sophisticated layering. So, today I went for pepita, check and aztec pattern with many layers. Or so it seem, because of this amazing double sided scarf, which is great to elevate your style, especially when worn with a belt, so you can nicely accentuate your figure despite the chunky knits.
And talking of knits - is there anything better in a cold weather than bundling up in a chic chunky knit piece? Nope, I don't think so. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and style and the key to pulling off this trend is mixing up textures and making sure that you don’t drown in your knit piece. As mentioned above, embrace the oversized silhouette of your chunky knit sweater with a statement belt and make sure to balance it with more sleek piece down below, such as a pair of amazing leggings. Doing it up in leather ups or statement parka elevates the style even further. The cozy textures of the chunky knit worn with the sexy and dangerous feel of leather equal amazing street look for sure.



THE LIE BY JPZ belt & bag
NEW YORKER parka with added fur trim
RED QUEEN sweater
GUCCI heart bracelet
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye motif silver and golden bracelets
Rose gold with diamonds and mother of pearl evil eye bracelet
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
CINTI ankle boots

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My Personal Style: Check And Leopard - Fall Pattern Mixing & Matching vol. 3 November 11 2015, 4 Comments

Pattern mixing & matching style guide continues... Have you ever wonder how to wear different prints at once, without looking like you got dressed in the dark? When in doubt, this one always works:

1. Use printed accessories for a lighter touch.

Dominating red check print can be beautifully accented with brown leopard accessory. A pair of leopard shoes or a fabulous tote will always do the trick. In fall I absolutely love to match leopard with check pattern and playfully accenting the outfit with beautiful fur pieces, such as our iconic The Lie by JPZ green vest or/and statement jewellery, such as our tassel necklaces. For a truly dazzling appearance, layer two or even three of them and go sophisticated with Basic Minimalistic Shopper in elegant croc print.



THE LIE BY JPZ fur vest, belt, tassel necklaces & bag
H&M pants
NEW YORKER scarf and plaid shirt
MANGO coat

EVIL EYE, GUCCI and golden vintage bracelets

RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch

STEVE MADDEN ankle boots
RAY BAN sunnies

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