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My Personal Style: Checking In From St. Maarten November 16 2015, 4 Comments

Even though I love winter and layering looks that come with it, winter weather is no match for these sunny relaxing escapes. A super busy month is behind me, sleeping only four hours per night and even this was too much for all the work that had to be done, and so it was time for some rest. Time to come back again to my beloved destination and get some rest on gorgeous Caribbean island of St. Maarten! And when it gets down to warm-weather getaways, there comes the time for long flowy dresses, straw bags, statement jewellery pieces in bold vivid colours and turbans!! It's funny you see, that in the summer vacations, I always go for more relaxing looks, probably, because I am already tired of fever. But when I change cold weather for warm in the winter, well then this tropical heat gives me the energy to dress up in beautiful long gowns for the late afternoon and evening city strolls. Maybe also because I know I won't be able to wear them for another 6 months. I think that for this particular look I've got inspired by the jungle and all the beautiful tropical vegetation. Haha, I guess you agree, right?



THE LIE BY JPZ dress, leather cuffs, turban, tassel necklaces & python clutch

JIMMY CHOO sandals
RAY BAN sunnies