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The Lie by JPZ Fall Winter 2019/2020 FREEDOM Collection September 18 2019, 0 Comments




the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants; having the ability to act or change without constraint

the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved – by other party, or YOURSELF




The Lie by JPZ Fall Winter 2019/2020 Collection FREEDOM looks reveal a sophisticated take on everyday clothing.

This time we give you a collection with a strong, yet extremely chic sportswear sense. Wintry inspirations are infused with rich, dramatic textures and contrasting tones, giving you the FREEDOM to create amazing contrasts. You take a dress, a pleated skirt, a bomber jacket, a ruffle coat, a trouser, a bustier or a fur jacket and then you layer them as you like, mixing Japanese cherry blossoms with checks & stripes, or leopard with houndstooth, traditional couture-ish textiles and new metallic materials, historically girlish gestures (flowers, princessy bodice lines and sequins) and dude-like signatures (bomber jackets, exacting tailoring, oversized patches). There’s a playfulness to the entire collection with a strong elegance. It’s modern, for one thing, and respectful of a woman’s busy life. It’s seductive. It’s strong. It’s elegant. It’s sexy. It’s FREEDOM.


Campaign shot by Tibor Golob
Assistant, add campaign video director Srečko Turek - Felix Foxx
Hair by Kristijan Skamljič - Kiki Hair
Make up by Gaja Prestor
Location Kolibri Bar Ljubljana
Starring Danijela Burjan, Gaja Prestor, Tadeja Pavlič, Laura Škvorc, Kaja Vidmar