My Personal Style: 1st 2022 Look January 02 2022, 0 Comments

Christmas is not a season. It’s a feeling. And me, being a total Christmas junkie or a festive season addict, love to prolong this entire hustle & bustle also in January. Yes, I keep my home decorated for the entire first month of the year (I addmit, decor often stays up until the end of February!!!) and I love to continue wearing festive outfits (is it just me or everyone else finds January a little bit depressing????) just to keep my spirit up after the holidays. So, for the first look in 2022, TARTAN it was! With a little twist of course, but still in all it’s glory! You like it?



THE LIE BY JPZ blazer, belt, pants, coat & bag
MIU MIU sunnies