My Personal Style: Friday Or Building An Outfit Around An Accessory January 03 2020, 0 Comments

Accessories are a way to make a small wardrobe feel big. They add a level of personality and uniqueness to your style - and saving you money, too. Bags, belts, scarfs, sunglasses and jewelry help you expand the most modest wardrobe. But today's Friday post is about something completely opposite. Once you have a large warrobe, especially filled with basic and neutral pieces (that's important), you can start to collect special fashion finds like a statement bag. And in such case scenario, you will most likely build your outfit around accessory and not the other way around. I am such a fan of this candy-like The Lie by JPZ bag from our FW 19/20 collection, but let's be honest: it's not an easy piece to wear. You have to wear it with something very simple or something bold or even crazy (forget about a girly dress to complement this dress!). Well, this Friday, I styled it both - with simple black cargo pants & turtleneck and bold puffer jacket that is obviously reserverd for - Fridays.



THE LIE BY JPZ beret hat & bag
YSL sunnies
J. CREW earrings
NEW YORKER cargo pants
SIMMI SHOES sock boots