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The Lie by JPZ FREEDOM Jewelry Collection April 25 2020, 0 Comments

The Lie by JPZ Freedom Jewelry collection is original, wearable and the one that takes your breath away. Unique, rebellious and chunky enough is giving a strong message without saying a word. Designed to give you strength, confidence and star appearance, Freedom jewelry collection pieces will always complete your daily or evening look. The perfect embodiment and new face of our campaign is singer Buryana.


SHOP Freedom Rhinestone Juliette Necklace

SHOP Freedom Coin Green Fringe Earrings Frida

SHOP Freedom Square Link Coin Neya Charm Bracelet 

SHOP Freedom Buryana Leather Choker

SHOP Freedom Domina Leather Choker

SHOP Freedom Drop Earrings Queen Aimee

SHOP Freedom Drop Earrings Queen Leah

SHOP Freedom Drop Earrings Queen Rhea

SHOP Freedom Drop Earrings Maya Gold

SHOP Freedom Drop Earrings Maya Silver

The Lie by JPZ Christmas Collection December 04 2019, 0 Comments

Step into Christmas fairy tale as The Lie by JPZ presents CHRISTMAS collection. This Christmas, The Lie by JPZ woman adorns herself in luxurious volumes and shapes. She is a portrait of elegance in seductive red and green, possessing a strong feminine attitude and complementing her look with iconic bucket bag and statement earrings. In timeless velvet for the refined and romantic woman, explore the most awaited time of the year.


Campaign shot by Tibor Golob
Ad campaign video director Srečko Turek - Felix Foxx
Hair by Kristijan Skamljič - Kiki Hair

Oldtimer by Robert Zupančič, RHI d.o.o.
Starring Danijela Burjan, Nika Krmec, Laura Škvorc, JPZ
Santa Claus Luka Luka Simšič