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Travel Diary: Romania Part 2 - Clubbing August 14 2016, 1 Comment

I’ve seen a lot of the world and visited many parties. But, no one does it better than the Romanians. I love club Loft in Bucharest. It’s the perfect fusion of amazing kitchen, bar, breath taking architecture, good music and amazing party. The concept of dining which slowly transforms to partying is simply the best for me. With this original concept Loft generates its own special energy. Like they say – to truly understand what Loft is all about, you have to be there at least once. And I promise – you won’t regret it! There, you truly start to realize that dining could happen at a spiritual level.
So, now being at Mamaia beach, very well known for amazing beach clubs, visiting Loft Mamaia was a must. They open at 3PM, serving amazing drinks and lunch and eating delicious food spontaneously turns into a party. Yes, the art is, that you barely notice transition…
And what is party without amazing friends? Meet my party animal, The Lie by JPZ Stylemaker Buta Oana Elena! I guess I am a very lucky person. Through my work as a designer, I’ve met so many amazing women that became my great source of inspiration. But some of this relationships turned to great friendships and Oana with her Otto are certainly one of them.
Visiting a beach club also demands a slightly different type of beach outfit. I love to work around a simple bikini, elevating it with silk tunic or scarf, belt, clutch and a lot of jewellery. Jewellery stack stack stack + layer layer layer was a key outfit component this time and I just loved the classic yet sexy result I achieved with it in the end. On the other hand - I loved how Oana worked around a simple white t-shirt, making her statement bra with The Lie by JPZ belt & fringed clutch the focal point of her look. Chic with a sprinkle of boho and a lot, a lot of sexy, Oana surely makes one of our favourite The Lie by JPZ Stylemakers!



THE LIE BY JPZ silk tunic, belt, leather choker, earrings & clutch
Bikini found in a little boutique on Caribbean island of St.Marteen
White gold and silver jewellery from all over the world
CELINE sunnies


THE LIE BY JPZ belt, choker & clutch