My Personal Style: Color Splash On White Background March 27 2020, 0 Comments

I am a snow person, always have been ann (probably) always will be. All the layers you can play with and all the colors, that pop up so well against the white snowy background. So, to have snow in Slovenia at the end of March is such a joy for me! 
When you step outdoors, the ancient art of layering becomes your smart-technology thermostat. This tried-and-true strategy lets you regulate comfort by slipping layers on and off as your activity level or the weather changes - and the best part about is, that layering, when mastered well, is one of the best style tricks I always recommend my clients and followers to learn. When snow falls, you can really play with different textures, voluminous pieces and colors - the most important thing is to keep the right proportions!


Photo by Tibor Golob


THE LIE BY JPZ fur vest, fur collar, skirt, gloves, beanie & fur bag
FENDI sunnies
FIRE FLY ski boots