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The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 23/24 Collection: Hero Odissey October 21 2023, 0 Comments


Najnovejša kolekcija The Lie by JPZ JESEN ZIMA 2023/2024 se poigrava z bogatimi teksturami, kjer prevladuje paleta mat barv s pridihom lateks sijaja, ki poudarja ženstvenost in čutnost. Postanite junakinje sezone z našimi zimskimi plašči in jaknami. Dodajte svoji garderobi uporniški pridih v naših oblekah z ogrinjali. Povzdignite svojo modno igro z ostro prefinjenostjo The Lie by JPZ kostimov. Dodajte visoko urbanost svojemu videzu z našimi ikoničnimi torbami. Ali pa se prepustite moči udobja z našimi elegantnimi trenirkami. Kolekcija The Lie by JPZ JESEN ZIMA 23/24 zajema bistvo sodobne, nekonvencionalne elegance, ki prebuja romantično junakinjo v vas; ob vsaki priložnosti, na vsakem koraku, 24:7.

The latest The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 2023/2024 Collection plays with substantial textures, dominating matte color palette with a hint of latex gloss to enhance femininity and sensuality. Become outerwear hero of the season with our winter coats and jackets. Add rebellious flare to your wardrobe with our cape dresses. Elevate the fashion game with the edgy sophistication of The Lie by JPZ suits. Add polished urbanit and elevate your day-to-evening look with our iconic bags. Or indulge in the power of coziness with our chic tracksuits. The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 23/24 collection captures the essence of modern, unconventional elegance channeling the romantic heroine within you, 24:7.


Campaign shot by @tiborgolob
Lookbook shot by @tiborgolob
Video directed & edited by @mpb @lukabojanc
Make up by @secretkeymakeup
Hair by @kikihir_slo
Model: @rebekapredan
Special effects: Bumerang rental company

Discover The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 2016/2017 Haute Hippie Collection September 02 2016, 2 Comments

This The Lie by JPZ season 70’s fashion is making a comeback and becomes the focal point of The Lie by JPZ FALL WINTER 2016/2017 Haute Hippie collection.
From rock goddess in metallic and fringed details to haute hippie with flared trousers, ruffle jackets, bell sleeve dresses, unique fur pieces and lace blouses, placed in chic atmosphere, The Lie by JPZ woman loves to provoke and show off her figure while still keeping a sophisticated allure.
Make it as bold or subtle as you like, implementing one 70’s piece at a time is our favourite way to channel your inner 70’s goddess this season.

Join us on a hippie-lux journey, embrace the retro-glam silhouettes and welcome a nonchalant charm into your fall and winter wardrobe.

My Personal Style: Check And Leopard - Fall Pattern Mixing & Matching vol. 3 November 11 2015, 4 Comments

Pattern mixing & matching style guide continues... Have you ever wonder how to wear different prints at once, without looking like you got dressed in the dark? When in doubt, this one always works:

1. Use printed accessories for a lighter touch.

Dominating red check print can be beautifully accented with brown leopard accessory. A pair of leopard shoes or a fabulous tote will always do the trick. In fall I absolutely love to match leopard with check pattern and playfully accenting the outfit with beautiful fur pieces, such as our iconic The Lie by JPZ green vest or/and statement jewellery, such as our tassel necklaces. For a truly dazzling appearance, layer two or even three of them and go sophisticated with Basic Minimalistic Shopper in elegant croc print.



THE LIE BY JPZ fur vest, belt, tassel necklaces & bag
H&M pants
NEW YORKER scarf and plaid shirt
MANGO coat

EVIL EYE, GUCCI and golden vintage bracelets

RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch

STEVE MADDEN ankle boots
RAY BAN sunnies

Shop Chunky Love - Golden Candy Tassel Necklace Black

Season's Must: Lara's Hat November 11 2015, 3 Comments

Whether you live in a big city or a small snowy town, chances are that temperatures are very low at this time of year, making us rely on super warm coats, scarves, boots and - here come's the best part - hats! Yes, here at The Lie by JPZ we absolutely love chill weather, because this is when you get the chance to wear all kinds of hats.
There are many different style hats that will keep your head warm throughout the winter months, but nothing does the trick like a gorgeous fur hat, known also as Lara's hat from the iconic Dr. Zhivago movie. These beauties will keep you as warm as can be despite the cold temperatures and strong wind. And what is best is that they’re incredibly easy to match with any outfit, since they add just the right amount of drama to it and also a tremendously chic statement.
What's your favourite The Lie by JPZ Lara's hat for the season? White, brown, red, green or black?


My Personal Style: Pepita And Leopard - Fall Pattern Mixing & Matching vol. 2 November 07 2015, 5 Comments

As I already mentioned before, I love mixing and matching different patterns. When done well, this kind of looks can be considered a form of art indeed! This time, I kept it simple, elegant and chic, so I went for two basic rules. If you only just started experimenting with prints, I suggest you try this technique for a "safe" beginning:

1. Keep your fabrics in the same colour family
2. Pick two different prints that share a colour 
3. Choose one print to dominate and one as an accent.

You see, classic pepita pattern works really well with not so common white leopard print. The dominating piece in this look is pepita coat, subtly accented with out beautiful The Lie by JPZ white leopard tote. Leopard pattern is timeless and there should be leopard tote in every fashionista's wardrobe. This beautiful haircalf leather with white leopard print makes this bag the kind of statement piece, that can be easily combined with dark or bright colours and thus perfect for fall, winter and many other pattern mixing and matching experiments!



THE LIE BY JPZ pants, top & bag

EVIL EYE, GUCCI and golden vintage bracelets

RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch


Shop Trapezoid Small Matte Black & White Leopard Tote

Fall Winter 2015/2016 Collection From Russia With Love September 29 2015, 7 Comments

Discover new sophisticated collection, created for feminine The Lie by JPZ woman with selected Uptown class and a subtle Downtown edge. Woman who, somewhere deep down, even if she doesn't know it yet, possesses a strong affection for romantic, beautiful, powerful Russia from the 1950's...
Collection is again full of luxurious pieces, such as iconic hand muffs and Lara's hat, adorable statement wool coats, unique leather handbags from carefully selected materials and cool fur vests. What's your favourite piece of the season?

From Russia With Love...