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My Personal Style: Happy Valentine's Day Or Why To Go For A Red Evening Gown More Often February 14 2018, 1 Comment

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves! May your whole year be filled with Love!
Now, let me dedicate this post to red color, red evening gowns and a few reasons, why should you go for a red evening gown (more often).
Red is not just a color. It's a state of mind. Red is rooted in blood... it instantly attracts attention, makes people excited and energetic. It's a powerful color, one of the first colors used in prehistoric art and in modern days most commonly associated with heat, passion, love and sexuality.
In fashion, re is and always was a very desirable color. There are many shades of red, thus every woman can find that perfect shade for herself.
I would say - when in doubt, wear red. A red dress can be a bold fashion statement and when worn well, you can create with it a look that is both classic and seductive. You can just never go wrong with red, in winter or in summer, on a summer wedding or a black tie event, red evening gown will always pull you out of a "nothing to wear" problem in the best possible way. Just keep your red dress the focal point of your ensemble, complementing it with simple accessories that add interest and contrast to your look. White pumps and leopard clutch, or more neutral nude, silver and gold pieces and you're good to go being the star of the night...
Therefore, when investing in a beautiful and practical evening attire, go for a simple red gown, dear ladies! 


Foto by: Tibor Golob


The Lie by JPZ evening gown