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My Personal Style: '90s Look For A Ferry Trip July 24 2016, 6 Comments

The '90s trends made a huge comeback and they are not going away quite yet. And, it's the '90s that I draw inspiration from for my casual look on a ferry boat.
You know, that history tends to repeat itself and the saying definitely holds true in the fashion industry.
Here are a few trends from the '90s, you simply must rock this summer:
CHOKER: do you remember the tattoo style version? I guess we all wore them. The look lives on and you can do it in a more sophisticated way - with a black leather strap or, go even further and choose them in different colours or materials (such as metal) for a truly glamorous appearance.
FLORAL PRINT: the floral print in little daisy prints has made a strong comeback and it's just perfect for romantic summer outfits.
PLATFORMS: Even though you thought you'd never see sky high platforms again, they are BACK! You can certainly go for a more sophisticated version with a block heel.
FLANNEL: nineties grunge is back and more polished than ever, so the flannel shirts are here. Wear it or tie it around your hips for a more super cool look.
DENIM: what are 90's without denim? Well, they don't exist... So, denim jackets, high waisted jeans and hot pants are a must!
CROP TOP: the belly baring shirts were a '90s staple and they are back! Either for sporty and casual looks or in a more sophisticated tone in combination with high waistline umbrella and pencil skirts or pants.



THE LIE BY JPZ belt, leather choker, golden ring bracelet & straw bag
ZARA jeans
Top found in a little boutique in Amsterdam
Hat found on the local market in Los Angeles
NEW YORKER plaid shirt
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye motif golden bracelets
Custom made golden necklaces & bangle
ZLATARSTVO OROŽ custom made name necklace
ALESSI GIOELLI rose gold bracelet
Rose gold with diamonds and mother of pearl evil eye bracelet
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
ZLATARNA CELJE infinity rose gold bracelet
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
CELINE sunnies
RENINI sandals

My Personal Style: Red Jumpsuit For Saturday Night Out June 11 2016, 1 Comment

Red is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Having said that, it is the perfect color for Saturday night out and what better way than doing it effortless cool in our luxurious all-in-one.

Yes, jumpsuits are effortless, chic and fun. But there are some good tips and tricks you should follow :

  1. Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is key to looking polished and put together. Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose.
  2. Don’t loose your figure. A lot of jumpsuits have either a cloth belt or you can easily add your own belt to define your waist if the jumpsuit isn’t tailored. Emphasising your waist is a great way to give you that curvy look.
  3. A jumpsuit can easily be dressed up for a formal event, when the style of the jumpsuit is appropriate. All you have to do is accessorize it to fit the party.

So, this Saturday, add some attitude to your wardrobe, make a statement at the party and go for our sexy red jumpsuit, spiced up with green tassel pochette!



THE LIE BY JPZ jacket & bag
CELINE sunnies
JIMMY CHOO sandals

Shop Tassel Pochette Green Lizard & Sexy Red Zebra

My Personal Style: Adding Drama To An Outfit February 04 2016, 5 Comments

Adding drama to an outfit is a fun and exciting way to create interest.  Drama isn’t reserved just for fancy events, but can be applied to everyday style.  Today’s look I added two pieces that create drama – over the knee boots and a flowing trench coat.  Longer length pieces inherently create drama.  My trench creates drama not only because of the length, but also in its movement when it dances with the wind.   For the sake of today’s post, I am focusing on longer length pieces to create dramatic interest.   I chose high boots and a long trench, but also try longer tops (high-low tops work great too), long scarves, wearing a dress as a top paired with pants underneath, or even wearing super long, street skimming flares paired with high heels or platforms to create that extra level of excitement.  When pieces stand apart because of their longer length it creates eye-catching interest and elevates the outfit.



THE LIE BY JPZ bag & tibet lamb fur vest
GUCCI heart bracelet
Vintage golden bracelets
Evil eye motif silver and golden bracelets
Rose gold with diamonds and mother of pearl evil eye bracelet
White gold with diamonds peace bracelet
White gold with diamonds cross bracelet
Custom made golden necklace
Rose gold with diamonds Fatima palm necklace
RAYMOND WEIL vintage watch
PRADA sunglasses
NEW YORKER jeans & plaid shirt
TOP MODA FASHION ankle boots