My Personal Style: Dubai Series December 18 2021, 0 Comments

A quick business trip to Dubai, prolonged for another few free days, started out in a snowy Milan. It was good to b back in the city of amazing architecture, magnificent skyscrapers, ports and beaches, where big business takes place alongside sun-seeking tourism. And here’s a stroll through my personal style, while in Dubai.


LOOK no. 1:
THE LIE BY JPZ dress, choker, bag, mini bag & sandals
CHLOE sunnies

LOOK no. 2:
THE LIE BY JPZ evening gown, cap & drop earrings

LOOK no.3: 
THE LIE BY JPZ turban & macrame bag
CHLOE sunnies
ALDO combat boots
H&M tee

LOOK no. 4:
THE LIE BY JPZ evening gown, turban, choker, drop earrings & brick bag
GUCCI sunnies
HERMES sandals

LOOK no. 5:
THE LIE BY JPZ skirt, belt & macrame bag

HERMES sandals

LOOK no. 6:
THE LIE BY JPZ bag, chain belt & mini bag
ALDO combat boots
ZARA pants
NEW YORKER sweater