The Lie by JPZ Evening Gown For Miss Earth World Final 2014 - Beauty, YOU Just Simply CAN'T RESIST November 20 2014, 9 Comments

This time, we proudly represent to you The Lie by JPZ one of a kind evening gown for Slovenian contestant Patricia Peklar, Miss Earth Slovenia 2014, for a dazzling appearance on her final performance in Philippines – Miss Earth World 2014 Coronation night on 29th of November.
A dramatic gown can definitely add some magic to each her step on the final stage and that is why I aimed to create a scene stealing gown, that catches the eye and sets our beautiful Miss Earth Slovenia, Patricia Peklar, apart from the crowd. Beautiful gown in fresh white color blends beautifully with her shape and simple mermaid line with open back enables the discreet, asymmetrical stone embellishment to really shine in all its glory. Long, flowing silk draped shoulder trains, inspired by the Greco-Roman style, elevate the entire look to a whole different level, creating a light, summery, yet chic and glamorous feeling, fluttering behind her while walking down the stage. Paired with The Lie by JPZ golden plated earrings and bracelets, this entire look is just the combination of contrasts, I wanted to achieve: classic yet modern, simple yet chic, discreet yet noticeable, romantic yet edgy. 
And Patricia is just the kind of beauty, who can pulls this off…

Here at The Lie by JPZ, we definitely keep our fingers crossed!!!!