My Personal Style: Summer Beach Style = Accessories August 28 2014, 4 Comments

I like to be a bit of an outsider and stay home, working really hard, when everybody leaves on holiday and I love to relax when everybody is stressing out. That is why my main summer vacation always comes at the end of August.

The holiday vibe is amazing. Going out each night until 2am or fall asleep without any bad feeling at already 9pm, beautiful tanned skin and salt on your body - this is the luxury that comes together with my summer holiday. For me nothing’s more enjoyable during hot summer days than feeling absolutely free and lost. Early escapes to the beach, late night dinners and cocktails without any timeline, endless naps and talks with family and friends. Phone on a silent mode is another thing I love about holiday. And, while being so relaxed, I just love to get out all those accessories, swimsuits, jeans shorts, turbans, big or small hats, clutches and straw bags and creating my summer beach style. What I love about it is the fact, that my outfits can work glamorous on the beach, but also in the city during the day and some of them even on a late night dinners, when switching flip-flops to high heel sandals.

My summer beach style differs on locations. So in Dalmatia, while on the boat, discovering beautiful islands, I love the outfits with a little boho vibe, very casual and beach ready but at the same time with a needed touch of edginess and chic. When in Miami, Rimini, Cannes or Monte Carlo, I love to go for more glamorous and elegant beach style. Talking about jewellery on the go, chunky pieces as well as most tiny and elegant ones, and of course, also body jewellery, are definetly a must. Without it, I really feel naked.

Also, I love to wear belts with chic pareos, kimonos, waisted playsiuts, kaftans or tunics. Chic belt can really elevate the entire look and with it you can nicely accentuate your stature. When packing, I never forget about straw bags, which are just perfect for the beach, travel or city. And, when I do not need to take a lot of stuff with me, I always go for clutches. It would be an absolute crime to wear them only in the evenings since they look extremely chic even on the beach. Playing with different hats and sunglasses (my absolute favorites are cat-eye and aviators) is also something I never miss when creating my beach outfit. And combining bikini tops and bottoms from different sets is something that I find really amusing.Oh and nothing, really nothing is more fun on the seaside, than wearing marine and sailors inspired clothes – I just love it!

So, my dear fashionistas, be creative also with your summer beach outfits, dare to be different, dare to create your personal statement style and become fashion icon – even on the beach!