My Personal Style: Sundays, Romanian Mountains, Matching Outfits & A Splash Of Color February 11 2019, 0 Comments

Dressing up should be fun. I always say to my clients and customers – if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Save your energy, time and money for the things that interest you and make you happy.
On Sundays, I like to go a little bit crazy with my looks, I love creating playful combinations and – guess what – I like to match with my husband! We have fun with it (well, it’s definitely more fun for me than for him, at least as far as the photoshoot goes), so we do it now and then, especially while vacationing! Yesterday was just a perfect day in Romanian mountain resort, filled with laughter, joy, good friends that became family and beautiful weather, surrounded by an amazing nature.



THE LIE BY JPZ fur jacket & bag
GUCCI sunnies, beanie & sneakers
DIESEL sweater
ADIDAS pants