My Personal Style: Breaking Myths In Red & Fuchsia This Festive Season December 22 2019, 0 Comments

We've traditionally been told to keep red and pink separate, even though they are analogous colours (when two or three shades are side by side on the colour wheel, they are known as analogous colours. These work well together because naturally, they blend into one another, like for example red, orange and yellow). That's because red is a warm color and pink is its cooler cousin, but when done well, these two colors look great together, especially when you want to spice up yor day. The best way to wear bold colors together, like red and fuchsia, is, to keep the lines of your clothes clean and simple. Also, color blocking can work well with these two colors, so just keep top in one color and bottom in the other. 
It's one of my favorite color combinations, also because you can't repeat it as much and thus feels so much fun each time I decide to wear them. Perfect for summer or festive December, red & fuchsia always work for a striking colour clash, but you can also break the look up with white or denim, or wear thm as accessories to ensure the combo isn't too full on. 


Photo by Tibor Golob


THE LIE BY JPZ turtleneck, skirt, baker boy hat & bag
Vintage coat (belonged to my grandmother)
CELINE sunnies