Bag Guide: When In Las Vegas October 11 2018, 0 Comments

Hello, The Lie by JPZ People!

At the moment, I am checking in grom fabulous Las Vegas and as many of you may already know, I hold this city very dear to my heart. I work hard, I am an absolute workaholic, so I do need to travel - simply to recharge, find new inspirations and, well, just to feed my soul. When abroad on holiodays, I really like to take time for myself, I take time to do my hair, make up and getting dressed an I extremely enjoy in it. 
Ok, I am a heavy packer, that's the truth, but unfortunately, traveling by plane does add a certain limitations to this habbit. Howevere, I love options, and I am an accessories freak, so I always prefer to go smaller on clothes (that I can mix and match with each other, creating neew looks) and go BIIIIg on accessories - especially - BAGS! 
So, today, I am guiding you through the three The Lie by JPZ bag options, that you'll be able to incorporate to your outfits almost 24/7, no matter the look or the occasion. The pictures you are seeing are actually all from Las Vegas, so these bags actually did travel with me to the Sin City. You'll see that they are versatile, easy to style but also statement pieces and eye-catchers - yes, we surely do like those, right?
But what I will also talk about today, is the proper care for your bags, when on the go. 

When it comes to packing, you have to pay a special attention to your most prized possessions – handbags. Bags usually tend to be investment pieces along with your shoes, so you want to ensure they are properly tended to, especially in your suitcase when airport employees do not take a special care for your luggage and are throwing it around like a bag of sand (yes, my heart always breaks when I see this and I get so extremely angry I could punch someone, lol). So, I wanted to share the things I do to care for my handbags when on the go, to ensure they last forever. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some good tips on how to care for your handbags too!

Keep the Dust Bags

When bringing home a new handbag, never, seriously, Never toss the dust bag away! This is the key to protecting your bag and ensuring it stays in good condition and dust-free as home, as well as protected from al the possible accidents that may happen inside your suitcase (once the bottle of my perfume broke and you do not want to know the damage it cost to most of the items I had in the suitcase). If you do not happen to have a dust bag, repurpose a clean pillowcase - preferably white, which does the trick too. Also, once safely wrapped in the fabric, I would suggest you to pack them also in a plastic bag (because of the broken perfume reasons mentioned above).

Protect the Inside

When it comes down to face and body, the unside is as important as th outside - and it's the same with your handbags! Don’t neglect the interior of your handbag! Always use cosmetic or plastic bags and pouches for anything that could pose as a threat to your handbag - perfume, make up, bottle of water. If anything happened to spill, doing so contains the mess and makes it easier to clean. And, if you ever want to resell later, this will help your bag maintain its value.

Stuff the Inside

When it comes to packing your handbags, stuffing the inside of the bag is crucial, especially if you want your bags to hold their structure! On the go, stuff the inside of your bags with clothes, swimming suits and underwear. This way, it is less likely to be damaged, compressed, or lose its shape in the suitcase.

Store in a Safe Place

When in a hotel room, store the bags in a safe place,far away from winows or balconies and of any sunlight! The sun can make a horrible damage to every colored leather!  

Turn to a professional

And, in case on your trip worst comes to worst, you have to seek a professional. A good shoe cobbler will usually be able to help you out with wear and tear, or installing other hardware you need. Do not attempt to fix it yourself otherwise you risk a permanent damage!

What about you, ladies, what are some of the ways you take care for your handbags while on the go?