Travel Diary: London Calling February 10 2019, 0 Comments

Ahhh, London! City, dear to my heart and soul. City I've been visiting at least once a year since I was 3 years old. City, where I was buying my Freed ballet shoes back in my dancing days. City, where danced my favorite ballet dancer, Darcey Bussel. City, where I saw first musical. City, where toast with butter tastes better than anywhere else in the world. And the list could go on and on...


Being comfortable, warm and feeling good while sightseeing is also the key to look good. After a long day visiting attractions and museums and running around underground, catching your train, you won't look as a super posh fashionista even in the best heels and the most elegant coat, if you will barely walk from your foot pain or you'll be freezing to death. While traveling, go for comfortable outfits and you rather make them bold with statement accessories.


THE LIE BY JPZ fur jacket & belt bag
GUCCI sunnies
TOP SHOP beanie
ZARA jeans

Obviously, you can find amazing places with amazing food. I am talking about the world cuisine since traditional English food is really not my cup of tea. But the place you have to visit if you are a sushi lover and you want the best performance for the price you pay is Sushi Eatery, located on 40 Firth Street in Soho. 
Bill at Sushi Eatery must be paid in cash (£20), you’ve got an hour and a half to be in and out, you can choose 6 rounds with additional first round where you choose from the menu 8 warm dishes and drinks are paid on top. 
Worried about an hour and a half and only 7 rounds? Well, don't be. The portions are generous and we barely make it to the fourth round (usually to the third, but if we are really hungry, we squeeze in the fourth one as well). I don’t think it’s possible to get through more than four rounds, but if you do, well, than you definitely deserve a pat on the back! 
Despite the name, this spot isn't just about the sushi. You can choose from a good range of Japanese dishes, from edamame and tempura vegetables to chicken teriyaki, miso soup and meats from the robata grill. Sushi does play the lead role here. There's a range of nigiri, sashimi platters, maki rolls and sushi sets. If, like me, you like are a huge raw salmon fan, you’ll be more than satisfied. And for truly authentic Japanese experience - head downstairs for authentic tatami seating.
Ok, so now you are full of sushi and have just a little bit of space for an amazing dessert, right? Walk to Regent street (approximately 8 minutes away) and grab the BEST CHEESE CAKE! Cakes and Bubbles is located in Hotel Café Royal and it is possible you won't be able get a table, but The World's Best Pastry Chef, voted by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Albert Adriàoffers a parade of exceptional desserts: from his signature 'cheese cake' to his egg flan, air waffle and doughnut creations which you can take away in a neat box and have the time of your life while eating it in your hotel room.

As for the city itself, there is no sense loosing the words about all the things you can see and do in London. What are the preferences just depend on what interests you. I always take a walk from Picadilly Circus to Covent Garden, see a musical, check out all the magnificent jewelry at Bentley & Skinner, buy myself a book at one of the amazing book stores (yes, there's many!) and visit Harrods for Godiva chocolate dipped strawberries. That's my London routine, since I've seen most of the attractions and museums already.