The Lie by JPZ X Style Maker Denise Dame February 19 2018, 0 Comments

Always happy to see our Style Makers rocking The Lie by JPZ couture & accesories. Here's Denise Dame, looking absolutely gorgeous in a stylish Slovenian restaurant & hotel Ob železnici, wearing:

Outfit no. 1:
The Lie by JPZ lace blouse & pants, leather belt, bum bag, wool jacket & fur vest;

Outfit no. 2:
The Lie by JPZ pussy bow blouse, wool jacket, leather belt, leather gloves, skirt & fur stole

Outfit no. 3: 
The Lie by JPZ flare pants, top, fur vest & bag

Outfit no. 4: 
The Lie by JPZ blouse, leather belt, skirt, leather gloves & fur stole.

Picture perfect were made again by the one & only Tibor Golob.
Hair: Kristijan Skamljič
Make up: Mojca Škof