My Personal Style: Fall Sporty Layers September 14 2019, 0 Comments

That chilly early fall mornings that transfer into warm afternoons... Calm and extremely beautiful, surrounded by nature in warm fall colors. And, also, the perfect time of the year for some serious layering. Coordinating leather, silk, lace and velvet with wool chunky knits being thrown into the mix for some warm texture. And while the instinct to wear tons of clothes is a natural reaction to the weather, expert layering is way easier said than done. Nonstrategic layering can quickly lead to sloppy, bulky puff, so always make sure: while layering, keep your bottom clothes tight and fit, since layered upper clothes will probably make you wider in your upper part of the body. Also - adding beautifully tailored coat on top of layers will do the trick and make you look sleek & chic. Add a fun fall bag and you are good to go enjoying fall weekend looking stylish while keeping warm in the early mornings and evenings when the temperatures get chilly.


Photo by Tamara Vidmar


THE LIE BY JPZ coat & bag
GUCCI sunnies
UGG boots