My Personal Style: Aloha Sunday Sunset June 19 2016, 1 Comment

Unlike studio strobes, natural lighting changes hour to hour, day to day, season to season, and of course, location to location.  It’s always something new and different! But for me, the most beautiful is the summer sunset light, always making you look warm & beautiful. The last 30 minutes of daylight, on up to about 20 minutes after sunset are definitely the best recipe on how to make amazing photos for your blog, Facebook, Instagram, or well, just for yourself. Now, from the light, let’s talk about dressing down that has never looked so cool as now, with our stunning fringed summer shoppers. Agree? I like to go casual on Sundays, but still want to create a special, comfortable, yet chic look at the same time.
Special is our IT BAG of the season from cruise 2017 Señorita collection, golden fringed bag with bamboo handles, casual are jeans and this fun sweater, while comfortable yet chic represent this retro inspired cool pair of Renini sandals.



THE LIE BY JPZ fringed bag
CELINE sunnies
RENINI sandals
NEW YORKER sweater
TOP SHOP jeans