My Personal Style: The Lie by JPZ Bags 24:7 June 04 2015, 2 Comments

Here at The Lie by JPZ we truly believe that a handbag can enhance an outfit and really define your style. It is definitely the most important accessory of all but also the most personal item in a woman's wardrobe - in it, you carry all your essentials that keep you ready and prepared for every errand and occasion that may come along your busy schedule. The bag is actually one of the most universal and oldest objects invented by humankind in history. What began as a prosaic item for everyday use is now certainly a luxurious treasure. Today, fashionista's wardrobe without statement bags is simply unimaginable. I love to design clothes, but designing bags is my true passion. 
When it comes down to my looks, I often first pick a bag that I want to wear and only after I decide about the clothes, jewellery and shoes I'll wear with. Accessories can make or break an outfit—and none speak louder statement handbag. From backpacks to baskets to clutches, and the charms that adorn them, here are the 36 The Lie by JPZ bags I love to wear over and over again, that define any style and any outfit...