Leather Cuffs Are A Fashionista's Must April 29 2015, 5 Comments

Leather is always dramatic when worn as a fashion accessory, whether on its own or paired with other leather pieces. One reason you should definitely try adding a pop of leather into your look is the sophistication that can be achieved only by real leather. This time, the ode goes to leather cuffs!
Our statement leather cuff bracelets from Chunky Love jewellery Collection are carefully crafted with timeless styles and are certainly that special little piece that will separate your look apart from the crowd. For casual days, the right mix of leather jewellery can instantly turn your ordinary jeans and shirt combo into a more interesting, edgy, yet chic style. They go well with other leather pieces of your look like leather bags, belts or boots, but be careful not to wear them with major leather pieces such as leather pants, jackets or coats.
Leather cuff bracelets are chic, versatile choices that can take your look up to a notch. You can even pair them with our classic gold or silver link bracelets, such as Chainy Chic 4 Chick - CC4C Silver Logo Coin Bracelet for more textured, sophisticated look.
This season, leather cuffs are a fashionista's must!


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