Designer's Pick & Must: Statement Bag Fashionista April 16 2015, 4 Comments

I guess every designer has it's own favourite bag, designer's classic, which has, throughout the years, became also the recognisable piece of his/hers fashion brand. It's been 4 years, since Statement Bag Fashionista was launched and featured for the first time in Slovenian Playboy and became an instant hit among urban fashionistas. 
A statement bag can definitely transform an outfit. It can take your ensemble from zero to ten. It shows style, sophistication, and can literally act as a shield against the world. You should think of a statement bag as an investment and also as a goal. In a modern, mobile world, there  is something deeper going on with women and their bags. In picking a bag, we are in essence showing the world how we pay respect to the contents of our lives, and perhaps even ourselves. And by taking a look at one's bag inside, you can actually define a psychological profile of it's owner. Today, bags are definitely became new woman's best friends.
Our Statement Bag Fashionista is every fashionista's must and what’s important is that it shows style, but is also durable. Essentially it will get you through life and make you look good while you do it. And that's exactly what you want from your statement bag, right?
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