This Week's Favorite Bag January 25 2015, 1291 Comments

We all have our favorites...from holiday places, gadgets to fashion items...but I have never met a woman who does not get weak at the knees in the presence of a beautiful fashion piece whether it is a bag, shoes or a piece of jewellery. Here at The Lie by JPZ, we are crazy about all that has to do with fashion and style, but this week we are especially head over heels in love with bags. I believe a perfect bag is a key piece to any outfit that either makes everyone go wow or...well, not so wow ;)
My pick of the week are our two absolute must have bags in indigo blue that will assure you the right amount of color and an absolute head-turning effect. You can never go wrong with a little bit of a bold color and these two bags are your perfect choice! They are ideal for all your essentials and will guarantee you a perfect up-to-date look..all you have to do is just say yes to the timeless elegance and grab one of the bags on your way out...

xoxoxo Mira ;)