The Lie by JPZ Lara's Hat Is A Winter Must November 02 2014, 3 Comments

Whether real or faux, fur is undoubtedly experiencing a renaissance, with accessories being a must this season. The traditional lara’s hat has been my favourite winter accessory ever since I’ve seen dr. Zhivago movie from 1965. The costumes have been inspiring the “Zhivago Look” ever since the film’s release, motivating designers to use fur trimmed collar and cuffs on their winter coats again. And I absolutely fell in love with fur hats, which are part of The Lie by JPZ winter collection already for three seasons and have definitely become designer’s classics. Lovely, romantic and cosy iconic The Lie by JPZ hat express an upper class elegance and most attracting about wearing lara’s hat is that it frames your face beautifully and enhances your eyes. The Lie by JPZ lara’s hats in various colours are definitely must-have pieces of your beautiful and romantic winter wardrobe.

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