Chunky Love Jewellery Collection October 18 2014, 5 Comments

Jewellery has long been regarded as a form of personal adornment, but today, jewellery has also become an instrument for making a true statement to your outfit. Personally, I love all kind of jewellery pieces - from tiny to chunky, from bold to sophisticated, depending on outfit and occasion. Updating your jewellery can be the fastest and least expensive way to give your closet a much-needed boost of newness. Fall is here, winter is coming and after summer season of delicate pretty gold things, layers of thin rings and skinny cuffs, it is officially time to match your jackets and voluminous wool sweaters with larger-than-life statement pieces from our Chunky Love jewellery collection.
Choose from a wide range of tassel necklaces in beautiful colour shades, wide leather bracelets, multi chain necklaces, chokers and body chains, which work great on day and night outfits and even in your bedroom...
Chunky Love is definitely a collection full of statement pieces, created and carefully made for style icons.

So... Be beautiful… Be sexy… Be provocative… Be f*ucking amazing… Wear Chunky Love.