My Personal Style: It Is All About Accessories August 13 2014, 3 Comments

When it comes down to my personal style, it really is all about accessorizing. My main policy is to keep it simple with the clothes and complicated with accessories. Whether a statement piece of jewellery, belt, bag, sunglasses or amazing heels, good accessory will always make you look pulled together.
My basic style is elegant - youthful and modern, always with a touch of a modern edge and mixed with other different styles – from rock to retro. I also like to wear comfortable and laid back clothing yet always with an elegant twist.
I believe that you can look fabulous, regardless of how much you spend. The most important thing is to invest in eternal, interesting and statement pieces, which highlight your wardrobe.
Clothing has to fit well with my surroundings. As my social settings change or my mood shifts, I want to be able to adapt my style to fit my needs at the time. Rather than attempting to develop different styles for different occasions, I work on finding ways to use my personal style as a common thread in any outfit I put together. Therefore I believe it is crucial to have basic personal style, to keep things simple and never, I mean really never, forget about accessories.