My Personal Style: Velvet Luxury For A Night In Bratislava December 03 2016, 0 Comments

Hooray, the Holiday Season is officially upon us and who doesn't love it? What I love most about festive December are spectacular decorations, joyful music, sweet smell coming out from Christmas markets, endless shopping lists and best Holiday parties with festive spirit of the season! Yes, there is just something special about Holiday that make all the gatherings even more joyful and brilliant as usual.  For as long as I can remember, velvet's held strong to its holiday-season connotations. But here at The Lie by JPZ we've always been firm believers in the lux texture's potential beyond December 31 and it seems like this year the entire fashion industry is finally catching on. We've seen so much of velvet - from sandals, pumps, bags and pants to over the knee boots. We've seen celebrities and all fashion influencers embracing the style - so if you are still in doubt- don't be!  When it comes to Holiday dressing I love  choosing versatile pieces you can style and re-style over and over again. So our gorgeous brown velvet dress with cape is certainly my Holiday dressing staple – aside from the fact that it is a pleasure to wear,  styled with some sparkle your Christmas appearance won't be left unnoticed. Luxurious velvet pieces rank among most important fall and winter trends you just have to incorporate into your wardrobe. 



THE LIE BY JPZ velvet dress, belt & clutch
Diamond and silver jewellery from all over
LE SILLA over the knee boots