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The Lie by JPZ Christmas Collection December 04 2019, 0 Comments

Step into Christmas fairy tale as The Lie by JPZ presents CHRISTMAS collection. This Christmas, The Lie by JPZ woman adorns herself in luxurious volumes and shapes. She is a portrait of elegance in seductive red and green, possessing a strong feminine attitude and complementing her look with iconic bucket bag and statement earrings. In timeless velvet for the refined and romantic woman, explore the most awaited time of the year.


Campaign shot by Tibor Golob
Ad campaign video director Srečko Turek - Felix Foxx
Hair by Kristijan Skamljič - Kiki Hair

Oldtimer by Robert Zupančič, RHI d.o.o.
Starring Danijela Burjan, Nika Krmec, Laura Škvorc, JPZ
Santa Claus Luka Luka Simšič

The Lie by JPZ Bridal October 13 2019, 0 Comments

Jernejin poročni avantgardni stil vedno testira meje sodobnega sveta in retro pridiha v modnem dizajnu. Luksuzna The Lie by JPZ poročna linija je sinonim za drzne, seksi in moderne kroje, ki vsebuje “vintage” materiale in retro stil. Poleg tega, da so vse obleke oblikovane in izdelane v našem studiu, Jerneja P. Zhembrovskyy Music vedno tudi osebno bdi nad samim procesom izdelave, hkrati pa celo sama ročno šiva še zadnje detajle na vsako poročno obleko. 

Jernejin umetniški pristop k “high end” modi sedaj predstavlja tako imenovano “couture” stopnjo kvalitete po cenah, ki so sicer bližje tistim iz masovne produkcije. The lie by JPZ poročna obleka je tako posebna, prepoznavna in drugačna od vse ostale ponudbe, da jo preprosto mora imeti vsaka nevesta, ki resnično ceni unikatno poročno obleko. 

Nova Jernejina umetnina, The Lie by JPZ POROČNA KOLEKCIJA, je primerna za vsako nevesto - urbano, seksi, moderno, romantično ali klasično, kot tudi za njeno pričo, družice in cvetlične deklice. Polna domišljije, izbranih detajlov in romantike, The Lie by JPZ luksuzna POROČNA linija bo z vami na začetku vaše zakonske ljubezenske zgodbe.


JPZ’s bridal avant-garde design style is always testing the barriers and boundaries of the modern world and retro style of fashion design. Luxury The Lie by JPZ BRIDAL line is synonym for bold, sexy and modern fit that incorporates vintage materials and retro styles. Aside from designing all the collections at the fashion house, Jerneja P. Zhembrovskyy Music oversees the entire production processes in her studio as well as working by herself on each and every gown with her own hands for the final touches. 

JPZ’s artistic approach to high-end fashion is now presenting a couture level of quality, in retail prices that are closer to those of mass production brands. The Lie by JPZ wedding dresses are so unique and distinguished from anything else out there, that every bride to be, who truly appreciates unique wedding gown, simply needs to have it.

The new masterpiece bridal couture collection is perfect for urban, sexy, modern, romantic or classical bride and her entire entourage - maid of honour, bridesmaids and flower girls. Full of awe, imagination, attention to detail and romance, The Lie by JPZ BRIDAL luxury line is set to take you on an incredible love story.

Ad campaign shot by TIBOR GOLOB 



Location SNG Maribor

The Lie by JPZ Fall Winter 2019/2020 FREEDOM Collection September 18 2019, 0 Comments




the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants; having the ability to act or change without constraint

the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved – by other party, or YOURSELF




The Lie by JPZ Fall Winter 2019/2020 Collection FREEDOM looks reveal a sophisticated take on everyday clothing.

This time we give you a collection with a strong, yet extremely chic sportswear sense. Wintry inspirations are infused with rich, dramatic textures and contrasting tones, giving you the FREEDOM to create amazing contrasts. You take a dress, a pleated skirt, a bomber jacket, a ruffle coat, a trouser, a bustier or a fur jacket and then you layer them as you like, mixing Japanese cherry blossoms with checks & stripes, or leopard with houndstooth, traditional couture-ish textiles and new metallic materials, historically girlish gestures (flowers, princessy bodice lines and sequins) and dude-like signatures (bomber jackets, exacting tailoring, oversized patches). There’s a playfulness to the entire collection with a strong elegance. It’s modern, for one thing, and respectful of a woman’s busy life. It’s seductive. It’s strong. It’s elegant. It’s sexy. It’s FREEDOM.


Campaign shot by Tibor Golob
Assistant, add campaign video director Srečko Turek - Felix Foxx
Hair by Kristijan Skamljič - Kiki Hair
Make up by Gaja Prestor
Location Kolibri Bar Ljubljana
Starring Danijela Burjan, Gaja Prestor, Tadeja Pavlič, Laura Škvorc, Kaja Vidmar

The Lie by JPZ Spring/Summer 2019 La Vie en Rose. Et Vert. Collection LOOKBOOK September 05 2019, 0 Comments


Carefully chosen precious fabrics, sophisticated colour tones and prints, great cuts and eye catching finishing touches. For Women who are not afraid to stand out and express themselves with personal style, who are unmistakably stylish and who love to be noticed for their impeccable taste.
Everything in The Lie by JPZ spring/summer 2019 collection - from the super breezy skirts, romantic dresses, edgy belts and trendy hats to the super luxurious bags, embellished with magnificent hardware or softened with natural wood – will have you dreaming of walking on Mediterranean streets and squares, eating dinner al fresco and stopping to smell the roses. Lace is no longer a lunching lady, and now has “down with the kids” aspirations in a form of long boho dress or that perfect 24/7 mini skirt. Not to mention all that divine stripes, snakeskin, leopard and flower patterns. We’ve injected some drama with green sequins, fringes and feathers and created SS collection, in which you can find the chicest cozy, the coolest business, the sexiest cocktail or the dreamiest evening look. The Lie by JPZ Spring Summer 2019 La Vie en Rose. Et Vert. collection is yet again a fusion of edgy, bohemian, romantic, classic & urban.


Lookbok shot by Tibor Golob
Model Laura Škvorc

The Lie by JPZ Evening Gown For Miss Earth World Final 2015 November 13 2015, 1 Comment

Step into the world of fairytale forests and ethereal fairies. Where glorious sunlit clearings, magical sounds and hypnotic smells arose every day and night, over and over again...There you'll find our new masterpiece, fairy inspired blush lace evening gown with light and flowy chiffon cape, created for beautiful Miss Earth Slovenia 2015, Laura Škvorc, for her final appearance on Miss Earth world final. Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness and contestants tend to be strong defenders of nature, believing in pageant's motto Beauties for a Cause.
That is why this time, I drew inspiration from Slovenian forests, which not only have important ecological and social functions, but also lend exceptional beauty to the Slovenian landscape, emerging in beautiful fairy style gown, capturing Laura's essence: her grace, her spark and her timeless beauty.

Keep your fingers crossed for her final performance and best classification on Miss Earth world final 2015, held on 5 December in Vienna, Austria!